Using A Wedding Hashtag


Over the last few years, a growing number of brides are creating a unique wedding hashtag to help their guests be more engaged with their wedding. Using wedding hashtags can help create a unique social media space that deals exclusively with your wedding pictures, stories, and guests. Giving your guests the news about your wedding hashtag can add an extra dimension to your décor, too. There are lots of great reasons to use a wedding hashtag; here are some of the most popular ones.

1. Easily-Organized Wedding Photos

Of course, you’re going to have wonderful, beautifully-done professional wedding photos, but you can bet a lot of your guests are going to be taking pictures, too. A wedding hashtag can make it extremely easy to keep track of all the photos taken at your wedding. This will allow you to have a comprehensive collection of wedding memories from a lot of different angles and perspectives.

2. Showing Off Your Married Name As Wedding Hashtag

If you’ve decided to take your husband’s name after you get married, your wedding hashtag can be an opportunity to show off your new moniker for the very first time. You’ll giggle happily every time you see your new name plastered on Instagram!

3. A Chance for Creative Silliness

Your wedding hashtag doesn’t have to be some staid and stiff, proper nametag. Take this opportunity to get creative and incorporate your new name in a silly, fun way. It’s not anything that has to be serious, so why not use it to have a little fun? With all the stress of planning a wedding, you can probably use a good laugh!

4. Creating a Wedding Photo Scavenger Hunt

This one is lots of fun for your guests, and nets you a bunch of fun and creative wedding photos. Use your wedding hashtag to create a scavenger hunt by placing a list of photos your guests need to “hunt” for, using their cell phone cameras. You could create a different list for every table and use challenges like “Snap a photo of the wedding cake” and “Take a picture of the centerpiece on your table”. Once guests have completed their hunt, they’ll upload the photos using your hashtag. You can offer gift certificates and other fun prizes for those who have the most artistic pictures, the funniest pictures and all sorts of other categories.

5. Facilitating Flirting at the Reception

This one is really more for your single guests, but that doesn’t make it any less fun! Imagine that your new husband’s really cute brothers are browsing pictures under your wedding hashtag, and spy a couple of your best single friends, who happen to be looking exceptionally cute for your big day. It’s not such a big leap to think that might not be a bad circumstance; you might end up with some not-so-single sisters-in-law!