Elegant And Romantic Valentine’s Day Wedding Ideas

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One of the most romantic days for a wedding is without a doubt valentine’s day. You could choose to have a day that is awash with red and pink-themed decor or find more tasteful ways to celebrate a wedding on such a special day. Either way, you cannot go wrong with the right kind of valentines day wedding ideas. Finding the best decor for such a theme can be a little tricky as you can be tempted to overdo the red hearts in the decorations, however, it doesn’t have to be so.


We have collected a number of different valentines day wedding ideas that can inspire your wedding day decorations of February the 14th. Create a wedding day that will be the most memorable for you and your wedding guests. Give them the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s day with you with memories that they will remember for years to come. If you are a true romantic, then this might just be the perfect way to say, ‘I do”. Use these ideas to create the best Valentine-themed wedding ever. Celebrate your love story in the most romantic way.

Brides Often Ask

Is Valentine’s Day popular for weddings?

Whether you are a fan of Valentine’s day or not, a romantic or not, Valentine’s is known as one of the popular days for a wedding.

What do I wear to a Valentine’s Day wedding?

If you would like your attire to go with the valentine theme, then you’d want to consider dark pink hues and touches of red. If an attire with a red background wouldn’t be too bold, then you could go for that too.


Valentines Day Wedding Ideas for Reception

Consider the stark and most romantic contrast of white and red in your wedding venue decor. For instance, if you happen to have a white aisle or staircase, classy red roses in a gorgeous arrangement would be perfect against the white of the floor. Add beautiful candles in various sizes and colors of white and red for the most perfect finish. You could use organic or LED candles, depending on the space available. Red roses are classy and are a great choice for any type of wedding from rustic to vintage or even a traditional wedding. A fantastic choice for a valentine’s day wedding.


Wonderful Wedding Arch

Use your wedding arch to declare your love. Create a heart shape of seasonal blooms to get the perfect backdrop for your valentine themed wedding. This won’t only be the best location to exchange your vows and first kiss, it will also be the best prop for multiple wedding photos for you and your wedding guests.


Beautiful Polygraphy

One of our favorite valentine wedding ideas is pink wedding stationery. A gorgeous choice for such a wedding theme, the design can be made even better with beautiful, polygraphed hearts in different variations and sizes. Hearts on their own, hearts in flower bouquets and so on. Red and pink ribbons can also be used to decorate the already gorgeous stationery.


Valentines-Themed Centerpieces

You can choose for your centerpieces to be simple or elaborate with a valentine’s day wedding theme. Red rose bouquet in line with the romantic theme would look great with a table setting color palette of white and black. Add gold accents for a more sophisticated look.

Another option is tall glass votives filled with red and pink rosebuds, creating fantastic floral centerpieces. Add white candles of different sizes for simple elegance and a romantic vibe.

Wedding Table Decor

Another color combination that would be great for a valentine’s wedding theme table decor is red and gray. Consider light gray chairs or chair covers decorated with cute red rose bouquets, all tied together in dark gray tulle or silk ribbons. Combine this with a bare wood table covered in a table runner of red and pink rose blooms. These pops of color with the gray background is sure to bring the romance to your event.


Bridal Bouquet Ideas

The bride deserves nothing less than an awesome, romantic bouquet on a valentine’s day wedding. If you’d like to make a romantic statement, consider a bouquet of full red roses tied together in a pristine white bow of tulle or silk ribbons. You could also choose a cascading bouquet of alternating pink and red roses tied together with gold ribbons. Add some more sparkle to your bouquet with accents of rhinestone gems for the best bridal bouquet deserving of a valentine day wedding theme.

Wedding Decor Flowers

Wreaths are always a great idea for any type of wedding. Consider heart-shaped wreaths for your valentine’s day wedding decorations. Wreaths of white, red and pink blooms can be used to decorate your seats, or oversized wreaths could hang from the ceiling. For a vintage touch, you can use florals of pink, blush and dusty rose such as peonies, heirloom roses, and carnations. Add a Victorian feel to your romantic valentine’s day themed wedding.


Valentines Wedding Ideas with Balloons

Balloons are another option for valentine wedding decor in place of florals or in addition to them. You could create a ceiling installation of a variety of balloons in pink, red and white colors to go with the wedding theme. You could also have a balloon wedding arch in the same color. This would be a fun background for your nuptials or for the dessert table. It could also serve as a backdrop for some Instagrammable wedding photos.

Cute Mason Jars

Mason jars are a cute and affordable option for wedding decor and will not be out of place for valentine day wedding decorations. They can be used as flower vases to line the wedding aisle or even for use as wedding DIY centerpieces. Wrap the jars in burlap material if you’d like a rustic touch.


Valentines Day Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is a central element in any wedding. A valentine wedding theme would benefit greatly from a cake of red velvet or chocolate, or even a combination of both. Chocolates are popular with valentines, but so is the red color. Cover the cake in rich white frosting and decorate with red berries or red ribbons for the classic valentine wedding cake. Add a topper of a bunch of red flowers for the perfect finish.

Getting married on valentine’s day is the ultimate romance. Create your love story with these valentines day wedding ideas for the ultimate wedding celebration with a romantic vibe. Use the valentine’s day wedding theme to celebrate your love with your loved ones.