Elegant And Romantic Valentine’s Day Wedding Ideas

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Discover the wonder of getting married on Valentines day with our pre selected suggestion. Simply put, from romantic outfits to magical decorations, we are your travelers on a trip of creating the saturated with love celebration. Let the impactful details propel you in, making sure your wedding is as personal and unique to the connection you share as possible. It’s your ultimate Valentine wedding day waiting to make our masterpiece – now we can begin.


Brides Often Ask

Is Valentine’s Day a good day for a wedding?

For sure, the greatest day for a marriage is Valentine’s Day offering of an occasion naturally romantic setting your party.

Is it okay to get married on Valentine’s Day?

Indeed, being hitched on Valentine’s day can definitely make a marriage sparkle with romantic sentiments.

What do you wear to a Valentine’s Day wedding?

Styling to be suited for a wedding on the Valentine’s day should be romantic in nature. Red or pink could be popular colors among brides for the types of wedding dresses, and elegant festive outfits might be good options for guests.


Selecting the Ideal Venue for a Valentine’s Day Wedding

The choice of location is crucial for setting the scene because Valentine’s Day provides an excellent opportunity to celebrate romantically. Sentimental touches are welcome at all weddings! Kelsey Connely, Owner and Creative Director of Downey Street Events recommends using a friend or family member who knows the couple well to officiate. It’s great if they can ask the couple the same questions, but separately, and then “splice” the answers together so that the responses are a surprise for everyone!

Discover these placeholder wedding venue options that will make your Valentine’s Day celebration unforgettable.


Romantic Historic Venues

Consider getting hitched in a historic site with vintage glamour. Choose places that have lots of ornate elements such as exquisite ballrooms, impressive stairways or gorgeous gardens. Historical sites are usually cozy places that ideally complement the holiday spirit of Valentine’s Day. Improve the background using softer lighting, tented fabrics and flower arrangements in reds or pinks. These venues are not only about nostalgia but they also create an air of refinement for the celebration.


Cozy Countryside Settings

A Valentine’s Day wedding in the countryside is a small, intimate and cozy ceremony. Warmth of the season can be enjoyed in a rustic barn, an idyllic vineyard or in a country estate. Brighten the space by adding fairy lights, use rustic florals and blankets to create a cosy atmosphere. Invite guests to enjoy the beautiful view, maybe with bonfire and hot cocoa station. A country wedding on February 14 enables you to combine romance with the peace of a landscaped environment.


Beachfront or Waterfront Locations

If you wish to have a romantic and scenic Valentine’s day wedding ceremony, then there is no better place other than beachfront or waterfront location. The calm tune of waves and the space offered by water gives a peaceful ambience to your celebration of love. To make your event magical, choose a sunset ceremony, and decorate with coastal-inspired elements. Sea weddings provide new interesting options for organizing the sitting area—for instance, ceremonies barefoot in sand.

Valentine’s Day Wedding Invitations

Creating the perfect Valentine’s Day wedding invitation requires adding elements of romance and interesting design influences to help establish an atmosphere for your event. Opt for a pattern that reflects the romantic undertones of Valentine’s Day, featuring classic symbols such as hearts, cupid arrows or lace patterns. Choose a color scheme of reds, pinks and gold; experiment with classy fonts for eternal effect. Adding a monogram or a silhouette will make your invitations truly custom.


Valentine’s Day Wedding Ideas Attire

Valentine’s Day weddings offer a chance to add some romance and class into your tuxedo or suit selection. From the dress of a bride to a groom attire, make your clothes depict the love-filled atmosphere of this remarkable day.

Bridal and Groom Attire Ideas

For the bride, you could choose a dress with minimal lace work, floral appliqués, or light touches of red or pink on it. A pink wedding gown can provide a level of romance, while accessories such as jewelry that is heart-shaped or floral headpieces incorporate this theme. For grooms, there is a choice of black suit with either red or pink tie or pocket square. Try something different with unusual boutonnieres or customized cufflinks to inject a playful element.


Bridesmaids and Groomsmen’s Attire

Extend the Valentine’s Day theme to your bridal party attire by including red, pink or even burgundy shades. dresses in different shades or go for flowery motifs, while the groomsmen can team up with matching ties or boutonnieres. It is this unified look which makes your bridal party a beautiful part of the ensemble and adds harmony to the general atmosphere of romance.

Valentine’s Day Wedding Accessories

Accessorize your wedding outfit with Valentine inspired accessories. For the bride, think about heart-shaped earrings, a veil that is romantic or a clutch with a hint of color. Grooms can incorporate some style with a cute boutonniere. The bridesmaids can wear jewellery in the shape of a heart or carry bouquets with romantic flowers. These accessories flow the theme and provide an opportunity to each person of wedding party to demonstrate their personality while accentuating the general romantic feeling in day.


Valentine’s Day Wedding Decor Ideas

Subtlety is key here! Adding romantic touches such as bows, curly handwriting on paper goods, vintage patterned china, a red cherry in your signature cocktail, or white roses everywhere will help create an atmosphere of romance without overtly addressing Valentine’s Day, – recommends Kelsey Connely, Owner and Creative Director of Downey Street Events.

Alternative Color Combinations


“I would lean into feminine pastel colors like lavender, mint green, and cream. Alternatively, black and white is always a classic and elevated color palette that would work for Valentine’s Day. This would be perfect for a black-tie city wedding”, – says Kelsey Connely.

Wonderful Wedding Arch

Package your love in a beautiful wedding arch, engraved with romantic touches. You may think about the use of luxurious textiles, flower bouquets and sparkling lights for an ethereal mood. Make the arch more personal by adding your initials or a love quote. This provides a perfect setting for making promises while at the same time providing an ideal environment for photography.

Valentine’s Day Wedding Venue Decorations

Turn your wedding location into a romantic retreat by adding Valentine’s decor. Decorate the door with a heart-shaped wreath, use a red and pink drapery, and consider an aisle full of flower petals. The addition of fairy lights and candles can create a subtle, romantic glow to further elevate the mood of love.

Valentine’s Day Wedding Reception

By implementing thematic elements, fill the reception room with love. Play with personalized napkins as well as table runners in romantic colors. You can also have a Valentine’s Day photo booth with different props for pictures that will be remembered. Ask guests to write love notes in a lovely box for the newlyweds.

Wedding Table Decor

Cultivate an intimate and romantic ambiance at each table through meticulous detail. Elegant linen tablecloths, your own personalized place cards and maybe add some touches of gold for a touch of sophistication. A few rose petals or heart-shaped confetti adds to the romantic mood. Be sure to include candles or fairy lights for a relaxing glow.

Valentine’s Day Wedding Centerpieces

Use romantic flower-centered tabletop decorations to produce striking highlights in your tables. Go for settings that include red roses, candles and hints of gold or silver. Use heart-shaped elements in the design, for example, by using heart confetti or heart-shaped vases. Make sure you select a combination of heights to provide depth and facilitate the visual conversation.

Valentine’s Wedding Ideas with Balloons

Balloons add an element of fun and frivolity to your Valentine’s Day wedding. Design red, pink and white balloon bouquets in varying shades for a cohesive look. Heart-shaped balloons can be added to table centerpieces or serve as a setting for the photo. For a touch of fairy tale and romance, try a balloon release at an important moment, like the first dance. Balloons not only create a light and airy ambiance but also contribute to your wedding décor.

Floral Valentine’s Day Wedding Ideas

Surround your Valentine’s Day wedding with flowers, creating a romantic and scented surrounding to the celebration of love.

Bridal Bouquet Ideas

Design a stunning Valentine’s Day worthy bridal bouquet. Choose a combination of classic red roses embracing the meaning of love and add softer shades such as pink or white to give an extravagant look. Add vegetation and light flowers for texture. In order to customize, add symbolic flowers or personalized charms. While a cascading or hand-tied bouquet can give your bridal outfit a more sophisticated touch.

Wedding Flowers Decor

Think of ways to carry the floral theme beyond bouquets and incorporate beautiful flower arrangements in every corner of your venue. Decorate the tables with floral centerpieces of roses, peonies or tulips in romantic colours. For the ceremony venue, add floral arches and flower-bordered aisles. Look to add florals in areas that are unexpected, such as the back of chairs or hanging flowers from the ceiling. The fragrance and the beauty of flowers will add romantic atmosphere to the event.

Delight your guests with a romantic Valentine’s Day inspired menu that not only satisfies the taste buds but also enhances the air of love in your celebration.

Wedding Cakes and Desserts Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Select a Valentine’s Day wedding cake that is also a masterpiece. Choose a classic layered cake decorated with tiered flowers or heart-shaped cake decorations. Other considerations may include red velvet cupcakes, heart-shaped cookies, or a dessert table which offers a variety of sweets. Transform to use your favorite flavors and colors that go with the theme.

Heart-shaped Food Decoration

One of the best ways to enhance a wedding menu is adding heart-shaped food decorations. From the appetizers through to the entrées, have a cordial work with your caterer in making various heart-shaped components from fruits, vegetables or even using your cookie cutters. This brings a sense of play and theme to the dining, which allows each dish to serve as one of many at an ambiance that celebrates romance.

Valentine’s Day Wedding Cocktail Ideas

Design signature cocktails that embody love and give a festive feel to your wedding. Consider drinks incorporating romantic names or colours, like a Love Potion Martini or Blushing Bride Champagne. Decorate with berries or edible flowers to make it look more attractive. Make available mocktails infused with berries to ensure all can participate in the celebratory drink round. These custom made beverages will help set the mood, and your wedding’s menu will definitely leave a lasting impression.

Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Ensure a constant stream of love and fun at your Valentine’s Day wedding celebration through thought-provoking and entertaining items that will keep the guests interested.

Choosing Romantic Music

Create the mood with an appropriately selected romantic music playlist. From the ceremony to the reception, choose songs that appeal to a theme of love. It is advisable to make use of classical love songs, your favorite romantic tracks, or even the songs that hold sentimental value between you and your partner. According to Kelsey Connely, owner and Creative Director of Downey Street Events,  live music throughout the event such as a string quartet or pianist will create a romantic mood.

Fun and Amorous Activities for Guests

Promote guest interaction with fun and romantic activities. Provide a love note or advice writing station for the newlyweds. A kissing menu can be suggested where guests petition the couple to go for a smooch after fulfillment of sweet or funny tasks. These add a personalized and comical nature to your celebration.

Chocolate Bar

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According to Kelsey Connely, a “chocolate bar” could be a fun dessert station idea featuring all sorts of types of chocolates – you could even provide custom-branded chocolate boxes for guests to fill with their chocolates!

A Perfumery

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Kelsey Connely recommends, if your venue has a small room on-site, you could turn it into a perfumery and have various perfumes, lotions, or potpourirs set up for guests to try and take home.

Valentine’s Day props for a photo booth

Fill up a photo booth prop area with Valentine’s Day props to get those cute and emotional moments captured. Provide accessories such as heart-shaped glasses, cupid’s arrows, or appropriate symbols. This creates an entertaining and interactive element for visitors to enjoy with long-lasting keepsakes. Use a professional service for your photo booth or create one yourself with an accompanying backdrop that matches the design of your wedding.

A photo album or a scrapbook could be developed

Encourage guests to add their memories of your Valentine’s Day wedding by contributing stories to a photographic album or scrapbook. Implement a dedicated photo-sharing application, or provide disposable cameras on each of the tables. Through this collective endeavour, guests are able to present their views and good wishes. When the wedding is over, put these pictures together in an elegant photo album or scrapbook – something you can cherish forever as a reminder of love and memories from that happy day.

Favor Ideas that match the Valentine’s Theme

Kelsey Connely shared some ideas with us on the topic of wedding favors for guests:

  • Mini cakes with a white rose or orchid on top.
  • Work with a perfumery to create a custom scent and gift a mini perfume bottle or room spray to each guest.
  • A handwritten note to each guest that is designed as a “love letter.”
  • Source vintage glassware that can be placed at each guest’s place setting and used for the event, which guests can then take home at the end of the night to add to their own collections.

Finally, a wedding for valentine’s day is the very essence of love in decor to enchant. With these themes, you can guide yourself into a party that is reflective of the splendor from your special union. To you it may be the wedding love that this Valentine’s Day day takes a happy occasion as a harmonious symphony of romance, leaving your memories forever. With love and MANY VALENTINE DAYS shared.