Wedding Food Ideas & Trends Your Guests Will Love


Chicken, fish and perhaps steak are the famous wedding menu items that seem to make it to every reception table around the world. Your wedding should offer food that inspires or simply makes people smile. Don’t be afraid to mix things up and create a bit of change with your wedding food selection.

Guests actually find exciting to have food that is different and beautifully presented. It adds a sense of excitement to the wedding that carries out the flow of the theme. Add a little spice to your menu with these wedding food ideas that we’ve put together for your wedding day.

1. Food Trucks

This is an idea that will catch all of your guests by surprise. Incorporate one or more of them into your reception layout and watch guests have a blasts. There are a variety of foods to choose from including brunch, tacos, polish dogs and more. These are especially perfect for outdoor receptions and rugged wedding ceremonies. Food truck not in the vision? Consider a dessert truck with donuts, ice cream or other sweet bites.


2. Funnfetti Desserts

Children aren’t the only ones who enjoy fun cakes because adults enjoy fun food too. This is a great idea if the couple is young at heart, free-spirited and want to create a fun atmosphere. Consider funfetti cupcakes and cake pops as well. These are colorful ideas that can be used to add a great deal of color to the food area.


3. Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

A wedding is a perfect place for comfort food and grilled cheese is sure to comfort as well as please. This is a great choice especially if children will be attending the reception. They also make great appetizers or add them to the bar for those who get hungry after they’ve danced all night. If you want to really make it work, add a grilled cheese station to the menu and enjoy.


4. Gourmet Donuts

Now this is trending and has been for decades! Donuts come in a mountain of flavors, fun and features that make a hit at any wedding reception. What’s even better? They taste great and almost everyone likes them. Offer a variety of flavors and don’t forget the good ole’ fashion plain variety.


5. Popcorn Bar

The crunchy treat that even Olivia Pope can’t get enough of! Even though your wedding is sure to be a classic hit for all who attend, set the bar with a super cool popcorn bar that brings adventure to the table. Toppings, syrups, kettle varieties and caramel pops are classy sweet treats that make create a trail of delight at any wedding reception. Make it a carnival affair with favor bags or keep it elegant with a full scale bar that blends with the decor.