Wedding Night Tips for Nervous Newlyweds


Contrary to popular belief, just because it’s your wedding night doesn’t automatically mean you’re going to have the best sex ever with your new spouse. There are lots of factors that can greatly affect your sexy time. Here are some handy wedding night tips for nervous newlyweds to help ensure an enjoyable wedding night.

1. Don’t Rush

Some wedding night tips make more sense when you realize there’s no need to rush through the consummation of your marriage. Your wedding night may not be the most amazingly erotic moment of your life, but if you slow down and enjoy it, you’ll be able to connect more deeply with your new spouse. It may not be the greatest sex ever, but it can be sweet and tender, and a chance for you to bond as a newly married couple.


2. Adjust Your Expectations

Because you may be tired, tipsy, overwhelmed and more than a little nervous, you probably aren’t going to be at the top of your game, sexually speaking. No matter what happens between you and your new spouse on your wedding night, one of the best wedding night tips is just to enjoy each other.


3. Educate Yourself

No matter your level of experience, there’s no harm in reading a book or two for some expert between-the-sheets advice. Try something that might be a little outside your comfort zone, and be open to new experiences. Sex is a lot more than intercourse, especially for those of the feminine persuasion.


4. Talk A While

Don’t feel the need to jump into bed as soon as you’re alone. Spend some quality time together, discussing the wedding and how much you love each other; let the conversation get sappy and sweet. If you want to be a little naughty, that’s okay, too.  Do whatever makes you happy to be together; the wedding night will take care of itself. Having a wonderfully intimate wedding night is as easy as just focusing on why you’re happy to be married.


5. Don’t Feel Obligated

Another of the most little-known wedding night tips includes not even bothering with a wedding night consummation. Instead, take a broader view of what constitutes your wedding night and wait until you wake up together on the morning of your first full day as husband and wife. This can add a special dimension to your lovemaking and let you celebrate your first day of marriage in a very special way.