50 Unique Save The Date Ideas & Etiquette Tips For 2021


Save the date invitations are the first contact medium with your potential guests. It is a notice that alerts them to free up their schedule in preparation for the wedding. You need to make wedding invitations and save the date stylish by getting the best ideas.


Unique wedding save the dates and invitations are something you start dreaming up after a proposal. From cheap to the destination, or rustic wedding save the date, read this post to live the dream!

Save The Dates Ideas (plus plenty of inspiration pictures)


Country Wedding Save The Dates

Source: Instagram@thestationerygarden

If you’re having a country wedding, country wedding save the dates is the best. They’re often laid back, calm and relaxed. They bring them an aura of vibrant but demure sophistication. From the farms to the gardens, grass fields, and barns. Below are some free printable wedding save the dates.

  • Mountain mist wedding save the date cards
    This country wedding save the dates card is a watercolor mountain scene. It depicts the serenity of the countryside. The perfect ring country save date cards to tell guests that it’s a romance in the country
    Download template here.
  • Photo and lace postcard
    This postcard has a white lace embroidery placed delicately over a woodgrain frame. In it, there are some loved up pictures of the couple, and below, some romantic quotes. It gives the perfect and charming country look.
    Download template here.
  • Birch tree carvings wedding save the date cards
    The perfect romantic style for country save the dates. There is a carved heart around the couple’s initials. Below the heart is the wedding invitation wording to the guests. The birch wood in the background is where the couple’s photo is. It is romantic, classy and gorgeous.
    Download template here.


Rustic Wedding Save The Date

Source: Instagram@alittlebitvintage

Talk of weather-beaten doors, woods, boards, and carved papers to give that rustic feeling. Rustic wedding save the dates will bring out your ideas the best. It will set the tone and create awareness for the kind of wedding you’re having.

These wedding save the dates to go well with loved up pictures of the couple. Using this type of wedding save dates is an opportunity to paste pictures all over. On carved woods, flat boards, tough papers and more. Check out some wedding save dates rustic templates below.

  • Wood and lace fold up wedding save the date card
    This is a foldable combination of rustic flair wood grain and white floral lace. They reflect the romantic theme of the wedding. There’s a space in the white lace frame for loved up pictures and pictures in the background. Print wording in your choice of colors and fonts, then fold it up.
    Download template here.
  • Farmhouse from foil wedding save the date card
    This is a totally rustic charm with the addition of shimmery gold foil designs. The save date has a formidable background of the wood grain with a gold foil frame. In the frame are pictures and below the frame are invite wordings.
    Download template here.
  • Rustic holiday wedding save the date card
    Great for holiday weddings, this is a rustic yet festive save the dates card. It has a wood grain background and wooden style initial for the couple in a holiday-themed wreath. It has space for photos at the front and back and wordings below the wreath.
    Download template here.


Winter Wedding Save The Dates

Source: Instagram@basicinvite

It is cold, it is snowy and it is festive to have a wedding. Let winter wedding save the dates card do the talking. Your guests will feel the onset of winter through save date cards and won’t forget. We put some ideas below and they are gorgeous. Check them out.

  • Playful winter laser cut wedding save date cards
    This is a photo save the date tucked inside a divine wrap. It is the postcard for the beauty of winter celebrations. It is laser cut with save the dates and wedding details at the back. The front has a line of snowflakes.
    Click here to download the template.
  • Winter flower save the dates card
    Set in a background of white, it has a wispy winter design. The text is contemporary style and there’s a space for love quotes below wedding details.
    Download the template here.
  • Rustic winter wedding save the dates card
    You can have a rustic wedding in winter and this is the perfect save the date card. Put in a blush lace background to give some romance, an expert save date scrawl lines the card. It has space for your details, is editable and printable.
    Download the template here.


Fall Wedding Save The Dates

Source: Instagram@oliveandmillicent

This is the time of the falling leaves and coloring of beautiful flowers. Take advantage and send out fall wedding save the dates cards that celebrate the moment. They are everything sunny, radiant, vibrant and beautiful. See some ideas below.

  • Fall save the date cards
    They’re printed with expert precision on matte premium cover stock paper. There are falling leaves of autumn above and below with details and pictures within.
    Download the template here.
  • Smokey mountains wedding save the date’s card
    This is vintage inspired fall wedding save date cards. Comes with a view of the beautiful autumn mountains and woodland as background. There are spaces for pictures and wedding details within. A fine choice if you’re going for a wedding save the date’s cheap option.
    Download the template here.
  • Falling leaves printable save the date cards
    This is a timeless one with gorgeous rich autumn coloring that compliments a fall wedding.
    Download the template here.

Christmas Wedding Save the Date

Source: Instagram@weddingdeco.nl_

Having your wedding at Christmas, that’s a double celebration. Get everyone into the festive and celebratory mood with cute Christmas wedding save the dates. Make them beautiful cards that your guests can place by the Christmas tree. They can be fancy, ornamental or high fashion! See some below.

  • Ornamental foil holiday save the date
    This save the date card can hang on a Christmas tree. How beautiful that guests look at your photos all through Christmas. Go for ornament shaped cards with foils above. This foil has a punch hole where a satin ribbon thread runs through for hanging. The couple’s photos will appear in front and wedding details at the back.
    Download the template here.
  • Christmas printable save the date
    This is a card lined by berries and red roses for viewing pleasure.
    Download the template here.
  • Save the date printable Christmas cards
    This works for elegant and refined weddings. It is romantic, modern, current and high society. It has detailed designs with twines, and foliage made into a wreath.
    Download the template here.


Unique Wedding Save The Dates

Source: Instagram@diyweddingpaper

Weddings stand out with unique save the date cards. There are so many unique designs for wedding save the dates online. They have a refreshing and uncommon touch to them, making them very attractive. Below is a list of five unique save the date invitation card to love.

  • Modern Polaroid save the date cards
    They give off a romantic and wanderlust vibe.
    Download the template here.
  • Forest watercolor save the date cards
    They are simple, elegant, nostalgic and chic.
    Download the template here.
  • Elegant aristocrat save the date cards
    These are gorgeous save the date cards with a display of vintage painted blooms on textured canvas.
    Download the template here.
  • Simple romance save the date cards
    These are so wistful and unforgettable.
    Download the template here.
  • Minimal print wedding save the date cards
    These wedding save dates cards are timeless, yet very modern.
    Download the template here.

Magnet Wedding Save the Dates

Source: Instagram@littleleoprints

Magnet wedding save the dates are items that will be in the guest’s faces. This trumps emails or save the date cards because they can get lost, forgotten or deleted. The advantages of going for the magnetic save the date are weighty.

Asides these facts that old aunty will be proud to show off her baby getting married. It is a consistent reminder of your wedding date because it never goes away. Guests will stick it to the refrigerator or kitchen wall. A perfect companion whenever they need to eat, which is a necessity. So, as long as they eat, they see you.

Again, it serves as a fashionable wedding souvenir to remember you by. A visitor in their homes always, you’ll be. Although magnet save the date does not make up for the wedding invitation proper. Do remember to send one.

  • The gorgeous Marsala blooms save the date magnets.
    Download template here.
  • The classic and nautical wedding inspired Anchors Aweigh magnet save the date.
    Download template here.
  • The wistful, cute and sturdy Southern romance magnet save the date invitations.
    Download template here.


Disney Wedding Save the Dates

Source: Instagram@karmankismet

This is for couples who love animations and fairy tale. Be the prince and princess of the ball, and live a fairytale at the Disney bound wedding. Go with this theme and pull it off if you’re cartoon enthusiasts.

They are so cute and colorful, with wistful characters and colors. See some gorgeous Disney wedding save the date cards below.

  • Disney fairytale wedding save the date
    Like a fairy tale, it will weave an air of love around your guests.
    Download the template here.
  • Disney foil wedding save the date
    Turn up the heat a notch by scrawling your details in gold foil. That’s beauty in a league of its own.
    Download the template here.
  • Disney Up wedding save the date
    Colorful and animated, it will leave your guests in a trance of what’s to come.
    Download the template here.

Funny Wedding Save The Dates

Source: Instagram@smittenpaperco

It’s a time of celebration, but you can spice it up. Let the guests see the wedding save dates and laugh till they tear up. A little humor will not go amiss with funny wedding save the dates. This is another way to stay in the heart of your guests.

Use pictures and wordings to create some humor. Add some witty marriage quotes for more effect. Let guests remember you with a smile always. Find some funny and cute wedding save the date below.

  • Free drinks funny wedding save the dates
    It indicates that there will be free drinks for everyone.
    Download the template here.
  • Shit got real DIY printable wedding save the date
    It says the guests should put on their dancing shoes because it’s about to go down.
    Download the template here.
  • It’s final! save the date
    It says, at last, someone gets hitched. This is a hilarious one, for who knows how long he’s been evading marriage.
    Download the template here.
  • Personalized cartoon save the date card
    Comic cartoon enthusiasts will love this one.
    Download the template here.
  • Save the date caricature
    This is a caricature of the couple on a save the date card.
    Download the template here.


Cheap Wedding Save The Dates

Source: Instagram@arrowartstudio

With so much to spend on wedding preparations, cheap wedding save the date to the rescue. It is a frequent occurrence not to have so much to spare on minute items as this. But weddings save the date are important too.

So, the solution is going for something cheap, yet classy. You would miss nothing. This is for the budget conscious couple and they are all under two dollars. Check out some of the best cheap weddings save the date.

  • Rustic wedding save the dates magnet
    Download the rustic inspired wedding save date magnet template here.
  • Printed custom save the date cards
    Download the gold printed custom wedding template here.
  • Wood save the date heart magnets
    Download the template for a wooden heart magnet here.
  • Save the date wedding cards
    Download the dreamy and picturesque save the date wedding card here.
  • Heart save the date cards
    Bear your feelings in heart save the date cards. Download it here.

Destination Wedding Save The Dates Ideas

Source: Instagram@silkbeau

If you’re having a destination wedding, you’d want to reflect some destination beauty. Let guest feel your love as it flutters to a destination where you love. Tell guests of your happy place by sending out destination wedding save the date.

Pictures or wordings may prove effective to relay what destination you’re heading to. See some destination wedding save the dates ideas below.

  • Palm tree and map save the date
    Palm trees and a map shows that you’re heading to the tropics for your wedding.
    Download the template here.
  • Beach save the date
    Two hearts on the sand, with the beach water flowing ashore. This is a beautiful way to prepare guests for a beach wedding.
    Download the template here.
  • Greek Islands map save the date
    Going to the romantic islands of Greece where the sun shines and the air is calm? Let the guests know by sending them a map of Greece Island.
    Download the template here.
  • Travel boarding pass save the date
    A boarding pass says guests are about to go on a destination trip.
    Download the template here.
  • Luggage tags save the date
    Luggage tags tell your guests to prepare for travel.
    Download the template here.


Cruise wedding save the dates

Source: Instagram@infinitypaperbtq

The beautiful sunset, the calm of the sea, and the point where the sky joints the sea. These are beautiful sights that are not easy to give up. They will give your wedding picture a breathtaking backdrop. And the freedom on waters is to die for.

Enjoy magnificent skylines and the bluish water with guests, send them cruise wedding save the dates. See some ideas below.

  • Foil boarding pass save the date
    For the wedding on a cruise, guests will need a boarding pass. So keep it stylish by making it in foil.
    Download the template here.
  • Nautical luggage tags wedding save the date
    The nautical luggage tags bear the anchor of a ship. A beautiful way to tell guests to get ready for a cruise.
    Download the template here.
  • White and navy blue cruise wedding save the dates
    White and navy blue are the symbolic colors of sailors, captains, and navy. An easy way to tell the guests to pack up for a fun cruise.
    Download the template here.

DIY Save The Date Ideas

DIY wedding save date allows the couple to get hands-on with their invites. This is one opportunity to stamp some personality on your wedding. DIY wedding save the dates ideas is unique, because of the personal touch. Add the wedding quotes of your choice to give it the perfect finish.

You don’t even need to be a design expert to make them. Go online, checkup Canva or Spark post on adobe Spark. In a couple of minutes, you’d have your invites. Same applies to those who want to work by hand. See the steps below.

  • Select a preferred card size for your project.
  • Decide on your wedding theme and pick a layout, color pallet, and background images.
  • Pick out your perfect pictures and paste them on.
  • Style the cards with your best fonts, shimmers or designs for the details. They may be bold, decorative, fanciful or script.
  • Time to download and print your cards.

Check out some DIY wedding save the dates ideas you can put off.

  • Fiesta themed wedding save the dates
    Download the template here.
  • Greenery wedding save the dates
    Download the template here.
  • Heart confetti glitter gold
    Download the template here.
  • Plum lavender floral editable save the dates
    Download the templates here.
  • Printable gold glitter burst
    Download the template here.


Save The Date Wording Ideas

The best save the date wording is short, sweet and prompt the guests to take action. Save the dates don’t need to have so many words. When your guests see it, it should move them to check the calendar, anticipate and prepare.

A right worded save the date cards must include the basic information because it’s a heads up. The guests must know who’s tying the knot, where it’s happening and when it’s happening. If you built a website already, include it so that guests will go there for more information.

There are so many ways to word wedding save dates. If you’re going traditional, whimsical, casual or formal, see some help below.

  • Brenda Scott and David Myers
    Are getting married
    At Big Sur, California
    On Saturday, 13th of April 2019
    Anticipate a formal invitation
  • David proposed!
    Brenda said yes!
    Come with us on Saturday, 13th of April 2019
    As we celebrate our union and make final
    At Big Sur, California
    You will get a formal invitation
  • Please save the date
    Saturday, 13th of April 2019
    As Brenda and David tie the nuptial knot
    At Venice, Italy
    Expect a formal invite.

Dos And Dont’s Of Save The Dates

Wedding save the date is fun to create. It’s done with all the excitement that goes into planning a wedding. He proposed, you had an engagement and on your way to getting married. It’s a celebratory time for you because you have dreamt about your wedding forever.

In the middle of the excitement, you could make a mistake that’ll put a dent in your day. We are here to make sure that you don’t make those mistakes. You will have a fun time sending out your wedding save dates with our dos and don’ts guide below.

  • Do give out your wedding save dates early, but not too early.
  • Don’t inform anyone whom you do not plan to invite. You’d see them show up and be quite shocked.
  • Do be very explicit on those to attend.
  • Don’t invite anyone whom you are sure won’t show up.
  • Do keep your wedding save dates simple.
  • Don’t add your wedding registry information. It is crass and desperate.
  • Do add on a wedding website.
  • Don’t send out your invites the electronic way. Do more of magnets instead.
  • Do not have typo errors. This could be very detrimental to your wedding budget. You may have to redo and resend, costing you more money.
  • Do remember to send a follow-up invitation to the wedding.


When To Send Out Save The Dates For Wedding?

When to send out save the dates for a wedding is a question we get the time and over. Lots of couples preparing to get married do not know how to go about this. They ask, when is too early and when it too late? What if it’s a destination wedding, how do I deal?

Well, unless you have a short engagement, eight to six months before the wedding, is ideal. This is time enough for guests to clear out their schedule.

If it’s a destination wedding, then one year is good enough. This will give guests time to prepare for travel out of the country.

Sending out your wedding save the date too early may cause it to get lost. Guests will end up forgetting your date. If you send it too late, you may not have enough people turn up at your wedding. So, moderation is key, and remember to send a follow-up formal wedding invitation. HOW TO MATCH

How To Match Wedding Invitations And Save The Dates

Wedding save the date goes out to guests nine to six months before the wedding. Wedding invitations, on the other hand, go out six to eight week. So, it may be difficult for you to match your wedding save dates and invitations. This is because, at this point, unless the engagement is short, you don’t know what you want yet.

But, it doesn’t need to get hard, because you can find your way around it. Although it is not mandatory the wedding stationery match, it’s beautiful if they do. Below, we made a list of wedding invitations and save the dates that match. You can pick them and tweak them to suit your style.

  • Vintage botanical wedding save the date
    You can edit and switch the colors to match your wedding invites.
    Download it here.
  • Oil paint textured wedding save the date cards
    This will seep in a seamless form to blend with your wedding invites.
    Download it here.
  • Rustic script foil wedding save the date
    Give your wedding invitations a classic edge with some rustic shimmer inspiration.
    Download it here.
  • Perennial playbill wedding save the date
    This is the perfect complement to your wedding invitations.
    Download it here.
  • Modern calligraphy clear wedding save the date
    This gives off a vibe of simplicity, modern minimalism, and classic elegance.
    Download it here.


Save The Date Etiquette Tips

Your wedding save the dates is a project where your creative juices can flow. There the freedom to save the dates based on wedding themes or style. There is no limit to how wedding save the date designs can pan out. But there is a catch right here!

Whether it’s a vintage wedding save the dates, Disney wedding save the dates or others, there’s a code of conduct. There are things one must not forget to observe while addressing save the date cards. Anything to the contrary is a rude shock waiting to happen at your wedding. It doesn’t even have to be a cheap wedding save the dates to ruin your wedding.

Hence, below are some etiquette to observe if you want to get your wedding save dates right.

  1. While addressing your custom wedding save the dates, do not forget who, what, and when. The guests must know who they got an invite from, so state your names. Also state what they’re invited to, which is a wedding. Then inform them of when and where the wedding will hold by including dates and venue.
  2. Be very explicit in your wedding save dates to avoid unpleasant surprises. Also, be polite, but straightforward about who you invite and how many extras an invite admits. Be specific is pets and children can come along. This is not a time to be coy.
  3. If they’re cruise wedding save the date or destination wedding save the dates, begin with far guests. Send them in advance to guests who are far away, but have a high likelihood of attendance. The same method also applies to Christmas wedding save the dates. Guests will factor you into their plans for Christmas.
    This is to enable them to clear out their schedule and make adequate preparations for travel.
  4. The best wedding save the dates are particular about layout and save the dates wording. This is more for couples to decide on adopting funny wedding save the dates. The layout and content of your save date invitations set the tone of your wedding, what to expect, theme ND faith. It is what helps guests decipher how to respond to you, how the wedding will look and know what you want for the wedding.
    Do not make the layout so unattractive that guests don’t give your card a second glance. Card content will be one that makes guests comfortable and not scandalized. Content should also help them decide your faith, so they can tailor wedding wishes to suit.
  5. Include the link to your wedding website if you have one already. It will make wedding date adjustments and other wedding updates easy to communicate to guests.

Save the date is a beautiful way to announce a wedding after the engagement. How it’s received sets the tone for your wedding. Get creative by working with any of the ideas we put up. Whether destination wedding save the dates or something simple, it’s all in here. There are rules and etiquette for a guide as you share the happy news.