winter wedding bouquets

42 Stunning Winter Wedding Bouquets


December to February brides have a unique opportunity to have a very nontraditional winter wedding bouquets. Brides can incorporate such decoration elements as berries, snowflakes, coniferous evergreen branches, pinecones and even Christmas ornaments. If you are going with a white wedding decor, your bouquet is also an opportunity to have bright hues like red or purple for extra color in your photos.


Photo 1-6: Chic Bouquets For Winter Wedding

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Photo 7-12: Cute Small Bouquets For Winter Wedding

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Photo 13-18: Unique Winter Bridal Bouquets

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Photo 19-24: Amazing White Winter Wedding Bouquets

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Photo 25-30: Stunning Wedding Bouquets For Winter Season

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Photo 31-36: Winter Bouquets For Fabulous Wedding

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