So, your bestie is getting married, and you are the maid of honor? Congratulations! The duty falls on you to organize a bridal shower, and it has to be memorable! What better way to achieve that than to introduce bachelorette party games? In fact, games for bachelorette parties are fast becoming popular and in vogue, because it is a way to get guests to loosen up.

In general, bridal shower games heighten the fun at the party and give the guests the time of their lives. Bring the party indoors by setting up bachelorette party games at home for your guests. Nothing beats having so much fun in the comfort of one’s cozy apartment!

Follow this Bachelorette Party Planning Guide

How And When To Plan Bachelorette Party

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The best time to start planning for the bachelorette party is at least three months before the wedding. This will give you plenty of time to put in place all the great bachelorette party ideas you have dreamt of.

As a rule, do not have the bachelorette party on the eve or two days to the wedding. Hungover brides or ones with puffy and swollen faces do not look appealing. She should be well rested before the wedding. Therefore, like a wedding checklist for a bride, a bridal shower party need even more planning guide.

Consult the Bride

While planning a bachelorette party, it is best to carry the bride along. She should make sure the bride knows before anything is done, as it’s her party after all! Thus, discover her expectations for the party and if games should be supplementary.

Besides, ask what kind of games she wants and her limits. These are very important, because it’s a countdown to her last nights of singlehood. She has to enjoy every bit of it!

Party Theme

Pick a bridal shower party theme that goes with what the bride wants. This can range from her favorite color to her best recipes. This will make picking out decorations and compiling activities easier.

Create Timelines

Learn how to create activity timeline using our wedding party planning guide. In particular, this will help you know when to do what, while leaving enough resting time. With timelines created for each activity, last minute preparations are avoided.

Let your Guests Know

In general, the bride should make a guest list and send bridal shower printouts to them. This is to invite them for the bachelorette party. Thus, keep them expectant of what’s to come by hinting them of the games.

Treats Time

While planning the party, remember this is an excuse to indulge in treats and goodies. Get materials for the game sets, accessories for the bride and keep the goodie bags filled!

Bachelorette Party To Unite The People

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In fact, a bachelorette party is one given in honor of the bride to be before her wedding. The party marks the bride’s last single days. Loosens her up and gives her fun through playing games for bachelorette parties. Bachelorette parties are fun to host as they bring your best friends together. It is also a way to meet new friends and learn new things.

Also, bachelorette party games are a great way to unify guests. Depending on your circle, you can keep the bachelorette party games clean or dirty. While at home or skipping town. Hen parties are a lot more fun with the introduction of bachelorette games. All in all, everyone gets to connect with each other while catching some fun.

Printable Bachelorette Party

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Printable bachelorette party games are those games you can print and pass around to guests. In fact, everyone is part of this game, and it is so much fun. It costs little or nothing because you already have most of what you need.

Here are some bridal shower games free printouts categories to choose from

Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt

This is one sure way to have so much fun at your party. However, the game ranges from clean to dirty and the naughty, considering what your circle of friends is like. Thus, you should be able to get one scavenger game that fits quite well for you all amongst these.

1. Photo bachelorette scavenger hunt

The gist:

The photo hunt serves for both bachelorette party games at home and a girl’s night out.

What to prep:

  • Find a random guy to snap and post a picture of you on his Facebook page, with a crazy caption.
  • Convince a random guy to show you a tattoo on a concealed place on his body.
  • Find someone who bears the same first name as the groom, with evidence.
  • Get a guy who can sing the last two lines of an Ed Sheeran song quite well and upload it on Instagram.
  • Get a person that the bride has never met to write her a sex advice on a card. Add other tasks that you like.

How to play: 

The bachelorette dare list will be split among the guests (the guests are split into two groups) who begin the photo task hunt. Any group that does not complete their list within the deadline buys a round of drinks for the winning team or will all have to drink.

2. Clean bachelorette scavenger hunt

The gist:

If you want your bachelorette party games clean, this is perfect!

What to prep:

  • Find a random couple who has been together for at least 40 years. Ask them about the secret making their marriage a successful one.
  • Get a clergyman’s complimentary card with recipes for a great marriage written on it.
  • Get a discount ticket for a honey moon trip.
  • Locate and buy a very rare and creative grooms ring.
  • Get a stranger to perform their idea of the perfect song for the bride’s first dance and lots more.

How to play: 

1) Divide the group into teams and hand them cameras to record their progress.

2) They should make sure to collect signatures and evidence.

3) Set a time and place where both teams will meet after the allotted time is exhausted.

4) The team that completes more tasks wins and a bonus for tie breaks.

3. Quick outdoor scavenger hunt

The gist:

In fact, this is a bridal shower game for the outdoors. It is also best played on rural locations, especially in the woods. It is clean and suits any bachelorette party.

What to prep:

  • Take pictures of any of the following. (The wind, a weird shaped cloud, an arrow, an animal smaller than a hand, your team breaking the law) etc.
  • Bring back any of the following. (Something fuzzy, a DIY ring for the groom, a DIY gift for the bride, origami, something you’ve never seen before) etc.

How to play:

In thirty minutes, the hunters are to present photographs or bring back any of the items mentioned. An item is one point and the person or group with the highest points wins.

4. Bridal scramble scavenger hunt

The gist:

This is a bridal shower printable game that’s played indoors and outdoors. Besides, it is clean and appeals more to those who love to play with words.

What to prep:

A list/paper to write on.

How to play:

Using the phrase “bridal shower scavenger hunt”, fill the list with new words created out of them.

For any new word formed, the item must be found. i.e., formed word “vase”.  Go find and bring a vase.

Bachelorette balderdash

The gist:

This is a naughty game which is like balderdash game. If you are good at giving silly spontaneous answers or making up weird words, this is your game. It is played both at home and anywhere else.

What to prep:

Bridal balderdash questions, sheets of paper, pen/pencils.

How to play:

1) The moderator reads a question about the bride and everybody writes their answers on paper, except the bride.

2) All the papers are collected and put in a bow, after which the bride gives the correct answer to each question.

3) The person with the most correct answers wins and gets a prize. The person with the least correct or silliest answers drinks shots of tequila from every guest present

Bachelorette questions

The gist:

This game is a clean one and is played between the bride and the groom. This bridal shower game is centered on how much the couple know each other.

What to prep:

A typical questionnaire given to the groom before the bachelorette, for him to answer all questions.

How to play:

The bride is asked all questions on the questionnaire. Each correct answer attracts one mark and each wrong answer, a pint of beer. I see a bride getting drunk before the party ends!

Bachelorette naughty mind word scramble

The gist:

This is a printable naughty mind game. It contains suggestive phrases which when understood, are harmless. This game will sure leave the guests in fits of laughter.

What to prep:

A card containing naughty puzzle like questions with scrambled last words (the answers).  The well-arranged answers are at the bottom of the card.

How to play:

1) Rearrange the scrambled words without looking at the bottom of the card and there is your answer.

2) After target time expires, scroll to the bottom of the card and match the correct answers with yours.

3) The person with the most correct answers win.

Active Bachelorette Party Games

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Give your bestie the time of her life by engaging her in active bridal shower games at her party. There are varieties of beautiful ideas that will suit any bachelorette theme. And they are perfect choices for bachelorette party games at home or outdoors. This style stands out because it is creative and everyone is involved.

Build a book

The gist:

Generally speaking, this game aims to help the bride create mementos of her and her friends while catching fun.

What to prep:

A scrapbook with detachable pages. Send one page to each bachelorette girlfriend.

How to play:

1) Each friend should stick a picture of herself/and the bride on one corner of the page.

2) Pen down shared memories, best wishes for the bride or a keepsake that links both of them.

3) On the other corner, they should include their best food, drinks or recipes.

4) Wrap it up and present it to her at the party and wait to see the joy on the bride’s face.

The gist:

This game ranges from clean to dirty. Of course, it can be embarrassing, but you’re sure to enjoy it.

What to prep:

  • Get questions about the bride from everyone and Email it to her fiancé.
  • Spice it up with crazy questions i.e. “who did you have your hottest sex with?” or a funny question i.e. “which pair of your shoes does she hate the most?”

How to play:

Everyone should take turns to read the questions to her. For a wrong answer, she sips her beer and for a right answer, every other person drinks.

Fun Games For Bachelorette Party

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There is never a dull moment when you bring on the fun bachelorette party games. The excitement never ends, no matter where you are. Whether in your cozy home or out of town, the party stays lively with the guests having major fun.

The aim is for the bride to be the center of attraction. So, you need some inspiration and ideas to rock this party? Check out our fun engagement party games.

Bridal trivial pursuit

The gist:

This is a fun but challenging guess game that tests who knows the bride and groom best amongst her guests. Also, this is a friendly and insightful competition.

What to prep:

Paper scraps, pens or pencils.

How to play:

1) All guests sit on hot seats surrounding a table with their pens and paper in hand.

2) The bride asks questions about herself, fiancé, favorite stuff and related subjects.

3) The guests write their answers down on paper.

4) When everyone is done, the bride reveals the correct answers.

Stroll down memory lane

The gist:

This is a game of fun and nostalgia. Moreover, this game will definitely bring back different kinds of joyful and embarrassing memories to everyone present.

What to prep:

Sticky notes, pencils/pens.

How to play:

1) Blindfold the bride and get the guests to write down memories shared with the bride on a sticky note. The memories could be funny, embarrassing or success stories.

2) The guests should stick all the notes to a wall or board.

3) Remove the bride’s blindfold and have her guess who wrote which note.

Drinking Bachelorette Party Games

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Everyone wants to have some fun, a little drink, loosen up and get silly once in a while. Drinks are the life of the party and like fuel, it keeps it going at full speed!  For your BFF, her last night being single. Why not add some booze and fire by getting you all to play bachelorette party drinking games?

Lie detector

The gist:

Like a lie detector test, this game dares one bachelorette to answer tough and embarrassing questions. It also tests her opponent’s intuition to figure out which is the truth.

What to prep:

Bottles of alcohol.

How to play:

1) Two bachelorettes will step forward to face each other, one on either side of the “lie line”.

2) They will ask each other daring questions and guess if their opponent’s answers were the truth or lies.

3) The person who asked the questions, then confirms it.

4) The one who guesses wrong must drink from the bottle of alcohol.  

Guess who?

The gist:

In fact, the game helps the bachelorettes and the guests know each other better. While also getting some liquor in.

What to prep:

Pens, paper, a small bowl, spirits.

How to play:

1) Each guest writes a secret of herself on a paper and they all drop it in a small bowl.

2) Everyone then files out to pick one each.

3) Each of the guest has to guess who wrote on the paper they picked.

4) If a guest gets the writer right, the writer takes a shot of alcohol. If the guest gets it wrong, she takes a swig of alcohol.

Clean Games For Bachelorette

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I don’t see myself drinking until I can’t string two words or do anything naughty and crazy like in scavenger’s hunt. This does not stop me from having my fun, even at a bridal shower. Keeping the bachelorette party games clean and classy is the way to go for me.

These are the best bachelorette party games you can play and have fun with, without a hangover as payback!

Guess the kisses

The gist:

In general, this is a beautiful and unique way for the bride to make a souvenir that will always remember.

What to prep:

Canvas/cardboard, pens, lipsticks.

How to play:

1) Distract the bride and get the guests to paste kisses on a canvas or cardboard.

2) Ask the bride to match each kiss to the right person.

3) Once a right guest is matched, the guest signs on the kiss.

4) This can be framed and hung or preserved as a guest book.

Cold feet

The gist:

The game tests the strength and endurance of every guest participating.

What to prep:

A bucket of iced water, items i.e. big rings.

How to play:

1) Drop some items in a bucket or bowl filled with ice water. Rings are most preferred.

2) Each guest gets to dip her feet in the water to pick out an item as fast as possible.

3) After a timeframe, the guest with the most item wins. The bride deserves to win this!

Naughty Bachelorette Party Games

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For a wild, crazy and fun-filled bridal shower, dirty bachelorette games are perfect. That is if you don’t mind lighting up the place and getting it a little rough.

Here is a list of some naughty bridal shower games.

Scavenger hunt (naughty version)

The gist:

This is a classic and adult version of scavenger hunt. Moreover, it is a great way to spice up your party. Thus, get a little wild, a little dirty and have the fun of your life!

What to prep:

Penis lollipops, condoms.

How to play:

Split the guests into groups and let them go hunting for the following;

– Penis lollipops

– A random man willing to give a lap dance

– A guy with condoms who can show how to use them, using his finger.

Share the photos of items you found on your Instagram stories, so that other groups can see your progress.

Queen of condoms

The gist:

This is a fun game with the main aim of keeping the party alive.

What to prep:

Bananas, lotion, condoms.

How to play:

The players will line up, and each will get a banana, lotion and a condom.

At the beep of the whistle, they would squirt some lotion on their palms, rub it on the banana and sleeve the condom on it as fast as they can.

Whoever finishes first wins and gets a pack of condoms as a gift.

Brapongbachelorette games

The gist:

This is a simple, cool and, of course, naughty game. It brings on a friendly and lively competition amongst the guests.

What to prep:

Bras, ping balls.

How to play:

Get all the guests to donate bras which are pinned on to a board.

Each guest then begins to throw in ping pong balls in to the bra.

Blow a whistle after 30 mins. The guest with the highest balls wins. The one the guest who threw in the lowest number of balls gets to take off her shirt. She is to wear only a bra for the rest if the evening.

Money Making Games At Bachelorette Party

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The bride may find money making games for bachelorette parties a bit awkward. But they are fun and lucrative. In general, money-making bridal shower games are quite cheap to plan and easy to create.

Moreover, money-making games make some of the best bachelorette party games. They are fun and range from mild to wild and clean to dirty. It is played at home or outdoors.

Here are some bridal shower ideas on how to make a neat profit at bachelorette parties.

Suck – for – a – buck

The gist:

This bridal shower game is a tad naughty. A cool way to make a profit and have wild fun at the same time.

What to prep:

Shirts, bite size colorful life saver candies.

How to play:

Stick the candies on some strategic and suggestive parts of the shirts. i.e., boobs, belly button, armpits, collar areas.

Every guest wearing the shirts (bride and bachelorettes) will go round the bar, asking random men to suck off the candies at the cost of a dollar.

If it is an “at home” kind of bachelorette party, go round the neighborhood and ask neighbors to suck candies off your shirts for a dollar.

Blow pop bouquet

The gist:

This is a fun game that shy brides may find challenging, but with a little boldness, she’s good to go!

What to prep:

Fifty to hundred Blow pops, rubber bands, satin ribbons.

How to play:

Split the total number of blow pops into two equal parts.

Arrange into two bouquets and hold each bouquet of blow pops together with rubber bands.

Cover the robber band area with satin ribbons.

Ask the bride to take the bouquet to strangers and tell them “blow for a dough”. The strangers get a blow pop in exchange for a dollar.

How To Compile Your Best Bachelorette Games Set?

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Well-planned bachelorette parties can be so much fun! The use of games for bachelorette parties makes them even more lively. Everyone loves to play good games. There are few important things to consider when compiling your bachelorette games set.

Al in all, the best bachelorette party games carries everyone along. Even an introvert will come out of her shell and let loose.

Below are few tips and hints to note as you compile the best bridal shower games set:

  • Consult the bride to know what she wants, the extent she can go and restrictions, if any.
  • Ensure the games follow the theme of the bridal shower.
  • Know your guests. Study the audience to know the kind of games they will be comfortable playing. They may feel awkward playing some kind of games.
  • Pick lovely games that everyone can take part in.
  • Make sure the games are relatable to your guests and easy to understand. This is important, so that guests will not hesitate to play.
  • Pick tested and trusted games which the guests will not find boring.

Overall, bachelorette party games can be clean, gross, dirty and naughty, but they are worth the effort. Also, they give you the perfect excuse to have mad fun and connect with new people and friends you may not have seen in years. Even if you decide to pipe low by celebrating and playing bachelorette party games at home. The bride will always have a memorable night to remember!