Bachelorette party games are the key to having a great time at any bachelorette party. It’s time to party!!!

Your best friend is getting married and you’re in charge of the bachelorette party but you suddenly don’t know what to do and you know deep inside that the key to a great party lies in the planning.

Hold up, we got you; we have a few rocking ideas which can turn up the heat on your party a notch or two and give you and your friends the night of your lives; just the right opener to an amazing wedding.

First, follow this Bachelorette Party Planning Guide

Bachelorette parties can be so much fun if planned correctly; and it’s impossible to keep such parties going without the use of some good old bachelorette party games. Yes, we said it, “GAMES!”. Who doesn’t like to play, let loose and do something fun just because you can; and in the company of people, you love and perhaps don’t get to see as often as you’d like. This is an excuse to have fun.

There are quite a number of fun bridal shower games out there but a bachelorette party sometimes needs, even more, planning and party game ideas than a bridal shower because it is twice the fun. For this, the games have to be lively and at the same time have to be something everyone can understand with ease and be willing to play without hesitation; like suggestions that would bring even the extreme introvert out of her shell and into the limelight of your party.

These games have to be planned into the thread of the event, so it is important to choose specific fun games which have been tested and proven to be able to withstand and uphold a good party. These games for bachelorette parties can also be used as games for bridal showers sometimes, depending on the setting and theme of your event. It is wedding season, and the parties are on!

A few of such bachelorette party ideas which can make your wedding party planning skills a hit with your friends and can also be used as unique bridal shower games include a few like the following (feel free to spike or touch them up in any way you feel works best):

1. Finish The Sentence

Source: _jenzilla_ via Instagram

The “finish the sentence” game is awesome as a starter and so easy to play. It has the potential to be quite hilarious, plus it involves every one of your guests easy. No one in the room would like to be left out of this one. This is a must add to games for bachelorette parties. Its catchy name as well as great reviews; have made it a favorite of wedding party planners and party guests the world over.

To Prepare:

You don’t need much, just paper and pen, or cards and markers, whichever feels more comfortable and easy to access. This game would involve you earlier on having to get the groom pen down certain things (in short and straight sentences) about the bride, things he likes about her, things that she does or how she does them, usually fun stuff, nothing grave or too serious e.g. “I like how she does this and that, I love it when she does that this way, I enjoy it when I come home to her doing this in this way”; and as many as you think will suffice to go round the room and last a game.

These sentences would have to be printed on different cards but with gaps in them for the guests to fill in with their own imaginations. There should be enough cards so that each guest has a set of all sentences and something to say and write about each sentence.

To Play:

Read each sentence, with the blanks (you can emphasize them), do not read the master copy; you can keep that to yourself and away from the others until the end or anytime you choose to score; it can be at the end of each sentence. After reading each sentence, have your guests fill in the blanks of their copies and have them each read their complete sentence aloud to the group; keeping scores by whose sentence fits closer to the original/the groom’s. It will surprise you the adventurous minds of your guests and how much fun discovering each one can bring to the table and to your party.

2. Drinking Game: Never Have I Ever

Source: brookewaldroupphoto via Instagram

Now, this is a fun one which can also be stolen and put on a list of bridal shower ideas; you never know when you’ll need it. It’s hard to beat a drinking game; not only because of the drinking but because of the fact that there’s a penalty for losing. It’s fun and extremely interesting; parts of it can leave some of your guests in stitches, tongue-tied, or just screaming from all the amusement. This is not a game you would want to leave out of your party if the goal is to have as much fun and enjoyment as humanly possible.

To Prepare:

Nothing, just ensure that each person has their drink in hand, and there’s a ready supply of more. After all, it is a drinking game.

To Play:

Go round the room, or better still stand in a circle. Each person has to make a sentence which begins with “Never have I ever…” and say something true and interesting that comes to mind. It should be something fun, like, “Never have I kissed a frog,” or “Never have I peed myself”, or “Never have I wished I could fly”; and everyone for whom this statement is not true has to take a swig of their drink with dignity. If only one person is caught taking a swig; then she has to reveal the details of why that statement is not true for her.
This game is popular for leaving some people tongue-in-cheek I tell you; but it is hilarious, and your friends, as well as the bride, will thank you for it. There’s no telling the amount of fun you can have when you open up the can which is the “Never have I ever” game. It’s a crowd pleaser and spot on for that magical once in a lifetime bachelorette party.

3. Lingerie Guessing Game

Source: Terry McKaig

Once seen on a list for the hilarious bridal shower games and stolen, this game never fails to amuse and involves gifting which is always fun and always welcome. It is also a great fit for an amazing bachelorette party.; so it’s a keeper.

To Prepare:

Each of the girls is encouraged to buy lingerie for the bride; they can be naughty or they can be nice or they can be totally out of the ball park; something she wouldn’t expect, but they should be fun and interesting.

To Play:

The bride opens the gifts one by one and tries to guess who it is from. This game has proven to be a lot more fun than it sounds and an adequate bachelorette party is never quite complete without it.

4. Bachelorette Libs

Source: theaffinityrose via Instagram

Just like the popular game of Madlibs, bachelorette libs just put a spin on it to make for a hilariously fun evening. There’s nothing like a game of words and stories to complete a fun evening with the girls. Perhaps a little unconventional, but bachelorette libs still weighs in with all of the other fun and interesting games for a grand, fun-filled bachelorette party.

To Prepare:

Grab a fun title, a topic of interest to you which you know will also be fun to your girls. Create the beginning of your story and make sure to leave the gaps for them to fill. To tease and egg them on, you can even have a list of word suggestions for each gap just to give your guests ideas which could make the game even more interesting.

To Play:

Tell your story please, and encourage them to fill the gaps with their own words. Each person gets a go or two. And at the end read your fun and wacky story, the result of input from every single guest, to the whole room. It never fails to please; this one is sure to make your night every shade of pleasant and memorable.

Choose The Best Of The Bachelorette Party Games

These are only a few of bachelorette game ideas, but they are sure to keep your guests happy and wishing there was, even more, time to spend at your party. For a once in a lifetime party it has to be beautiful and fun and worth remembering; and what another way than to include games that bring everyone together in the spirit of your fun wedding party. Games play a huge part in the most interesting of parties. They are usually the difference between a boring cold party and a warm and fun one. Make sure to keep it fun and have your bride beaming from ear to ear as you gift her with the greatest bachelorette party of all time; a night with her friends which she would remember always.