Cheap wedding favors is a great opportunity to please everyone at the wedding. Small and inexpensive things attract attention. They are comfortable and often not only serve as an interior item, but also benefit. Such wedding gifts can often be bought for less than $ 1 or made by yourself. You can choose the one from a list of variants here.

Photo 1-3: Unique Cheap Wedding Favors

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Photo 4-6: Wedding Favors Which You Can Find Useful

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Photo 7-9: Gifts Under 1 Dollar

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Photo 10-12: Uncommon Mason Jars

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Photo 13-15: DIY Wedding Favors – It Is Easy To Do

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Photo 16-18: Creative Presents For A Wedding Day

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Photo 19-21: Perfect Wedding Gifts With Flowers

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Photo 22-24: Wedding Favors In The Baskets

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Photo 25-27: Small Boxes For Cheap Favors

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Photo 28-30: Little Pleasant Things At A Wedding Table

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