Wedding photos are very important for each couple. They remain for memory, after long wedding day. Except traditional pictures many couples though to see creative wedding photos in the album. They can perfectly transfer character of couple, special emotions and bring bright paints in your album. We have collected a fine collection of unusual wedding pictures for your inspiration which will help you to choose the idea especially for you.

Photo 1-3: Ideas For Bride

Source: Chardphoto, Meyska via instagram, Di_Melison via instagram

Photo 4-6: Photos Under Veil

Source: Lightburst via Instagramlightburst via InstagramChardphoto via Instagram

Photo 7-9: Wedding Couple Under Water

Source: Makiela via Instagram, Sakuraphotography via Instagram, Delsolphotography

Photo 10-12: Magic Picture With Smoke

Source: Envphotography, Denise Karis, Maloupeterson via Instagram

Photo 13-15: Best Ideas Creative Wedding Photos

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Photo 16-18: Creative Wedding Kiss

Source: alex_chuvakhin via Instagram, Cecharvard, Confetti events

Photo 19-21: Photos Under Rain

Source: Dzesikadevic, RyanrayphotoJasminelaine

Photo 22-24: Wonderful Ideas With Sparklers

Source: Bethanysmallphoto, Maria Shalaeva photography, Bethanysmallphoto

Photo 25-27: Beautiful Evening Photo

 Source: Chardphoto, Givingtreephotography via InstagramFredmarcusstudiovia Instagram

Photo 28-30: Wedding Couple And Fireworks

Source: Christian Oth Studio via Instagram, John & Sandra via instagramRachaelhallll via instagram