It is so difficult select a perfect engagement ring, there are so many variations and different settings. The diamond’s shape and cut is one of an important setting. Look at the the basis and the most popular engagement ring shapes such as princess, cushion, emerald, oval, asscher. What ring shape do you like more? Let’s find out with our gallery!

Photo 1-6: Engagement Ring Shapes – Cushion & Princess Cut

Source: Katelyn James PhotographySlowackJewelry via EtsyBensimon Diamonds via instagram
Source: Natalie Marie Jewellery via instagramBrilliant Earth via instagramBrilliant Earth via instagram

Photo 7-12: Asscher & Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

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Source: McTeigue & McClellandBeautifulPetra via EtsyAshleyn Wilkins via instagram

Photo 13-18: Round & Oval Engagement Rings

Source: Bensimon Diamonds via instagramJessica Haley PhotographyNatalie Marie Jewellery via instagram
Source: Trabert Goldsmiths via instagram, Shane Company via instagramAsprey

Photo 19-24: Pear Engagement Rings

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Photo 25-27: Marquise Cut Engagement Rings

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Main photo: Jose Villa