We’ve collaborated some of the most common bloopers and blunders that couples endure when planning an outdoor wedding. The process is a very detailed one that requires attention to the little things and a lot of creative thinking to make it special. These tips will help you to avoid the pitfalls that are likely to occur and to help make your outdoor wedding planning a cinch.

1. Making Plans Prior To Setting A Budget

Brides can easily become overwhelmed with the thought of planning for their big day and begin to do things out of order. Shopping for a wedding gown, picking a venue and finding other little dynamics of the wedding day before setting the budget can cause dilemma. The chance you take at falling in love with the location that doesn’t fit your budget is a great one. Choosing things that aren’t within the budget cost could cause you to have to cut other areas of the wedding in half, guest list, cake size, gown cost and other things could be at risk. Count your money before you get excited about a certain venue or bridal gown in order to avoid moments of depression.


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