Many couples have favorite members of family, we mean dogs, cats or others. And of course you wish to make gorgeous photos with your lovely pet. Some couples want to include their pets in their wedding day. There are many role for your dog. Also your can dress your pet accordingly with an adorable suit or flower crown. Here you find cute and wonderful photo ideas with wedding pets, ideas how to include dog to your wedding ceremony and how to dress pets.


Photo 1-3: Your Favorite Dog On Your Wedding Day

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Photo 4-6: Cats Also Like Weddings

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Photo 7-9: Romantic Photos With Horses

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Photo 10-12: Don’t Forget To Take A Shot Of  Your Wedding Pets

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Photo 13-15: Beautiful Brides With Their Dogs

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Photo 16-18: Your Small And Elegant Guests

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Photo 19-21: Photo Ideas Of Animals With Wedding Plaques

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Photo 22-24: Tender Family Photos

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Photo 25-27: Funny Wedding Photos With Animals

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Photo 28-30: Photo Ideas With Rings

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