12 month wedding planning timeline hands notes

12 Month Wedding Planning Timeline


The question was popped, the answer was “Yes” and the engagement has been announced. Now it’s time to begin the wedding planning process and you’ve got hundreds of ideas running through your head. The big question that most brides ponder is how soon is too soon to start planning.

Furthermore, in light of the fact that we realize that the wedding business isn’t generally the best at helping you really plan a wedding (especially if you would prefer not to burn through $100,000, and pay for a month to month facial for the half year leading up to your wedding), we’ve provided you with a proof well ordered wedding planning timeline here.

We have tips to help you master the 12-month planning process and a simple checklist at the end of the article.

12 Months To Wedding Day

  1. Identify a potential budget and communicate with your partner about what you envision your wedding day to be like.
  2. Set a wedding date. If you have flexibility in your wedding date, visit a few different venues that you like to find out their availability and cost.
  3. Research the policies and conveniences of venues.
  4. Create a rough draft of the guest list
  5. Discuss with your parents what they plan to contribute to your wedding regarding finances and then set your budget.
  6. If considering a wedding planner, interview several and choose the one that best meets your needs.

10-11 Months To Wedding Day

  1. Reserve the venues for your ceremony and venues
  2. Designate your wedding party
  3. Book the officiant
  4. Find the wedding gown of your dreams
  5. Begin interviewing vendors for the wedding (caters, DJ, photographers, florists, etc.)
  6. Plan the décor for the wedding and consider the many details. Hanging lanterns or chandeliers? Candle-lit aisles? Fancy or casual reception seating? Identify your vision and examine all rentals you’ll need to bring your vision to life.
  7. Meet with caterers to sample and select food for the reception
  8. Secure your photographer
  9. Take engagement photos
  10. Mail the save-the-dates for destination weddings.

8-9 Months To Wedding Day

  1. Finalize bar contracts
  2. Complete gift registration
  3. Make rental reservations
  4. Make necessary reservations for out of town guests
  5. Contract wedding DJ/band
  6. Contract Florist
  7. Finalize the stationery choice

6-7 Months To Wedding Day

  1. Create your wedding website
  2. Order bridesmaid gowns
  3. Mail save-the-dates
  4. Confirm wedding entertainment
  5. Order grooms attire
  6. Begin research for honeymoon travel

4-5 Months To Wedding Day

  1. Buy the wedding rings
  2. Order wedding invitations
  3. Order groomsmen attire
  4. Schedule cake tastings, select a baker and wedding cakes
  5. Select flower girl and ring bearer attire
  6. Determine ceremony order and solicit friends to do readings and poems
  7. Make honeymoon reservations

3 Months To Wedding Day

  1. Hire calligrapher if needed for the invitations
  2. Wedding shower should be given at this time
  3. Reserve rehearsal dinner venue
  4. Buy accessories, such as cufflinks, shoes, bow ties, jewelry, veil and etc.

2 Months To Wedding Day

  1. Put invitations in the mail
  2. Consult with stylists, MUA’s to test various looks for the wedding day
  3. Place order for wedding programs
  4. Write or select pre-written wedding vows
  5. Make transportation reservations

1 Month To Wedding Day

  1. Consult with DJ about wedding day music playlist
  2. Send invites to the rehearsal dinner
  3. Find and purchase favors for the wedding
  4. Complete all DIY projects
  5. Schedule the final fitting for the gown and have the maid of honor accompany to ensure she can help you get into the gown
  6. Apply for the marriage license
  7. Design greeting bags for guests who are coming from out-of-town
  8. Consult with vendors regarding details for the day of the wedding and make any necessary changes
  9. Confirm important details with members of the wedding party(important dates and start times)
  10. Confirm available space for vendors at reception and venue area
  11. Make arrangements for pets while away on honeymoon
  12. Bachelor/bachelorette parties

3 Weeks To Wedding Day

  1. Follow up with any guests who haven’t RSVP’d
  2. Give final head count to the caterer and other applicable venues
  3. Finalize menu with the caterer
  4. Discuss important poses with photographer and present a VIP list

2 Weeks To Wedding Day

  1. Final hair trim and color
  2. Confirm travel arrangements for honeymoon
  3. Seating Chart

1 Week To Wedding Day

  1. •Escort Cards
  2. Confirm setup, takedown and other arrangements with all vendors
  3. Present schedule for the day to site managers and include deliveries, setup, and breakdowns

2-3 Days To Wedding Day

  1. Confirm that wedding dress is ready to wear
  2. Get the men’s’ attire
  3. Finalize bridal party order of entrance
  4. Deliver programs, menus, place cards, etc. to venues and managers
  5. Deliver welcome bags to hotels
  6. Assign an emergency contact person for any mishaps
  7. Write final payment checks for vendors and other professionals

1 Day To Wedding Day

  1. Rehearsal dinner following rehearsal
  2. Present attendants with gifts
  3. Marriage license to the officiant
  4. Mani/Pedi

The Wedding Day

  1.  Eat a healthy breakfast
  2. Give rings to best man and maid/matron of honor
  3. Introduce emergency contact to vendors and site managers
  4. Make sure payment envelopes are ready
  5. Eat, sip and say “I DO”
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