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30 Wonderful Bohemian Wedding Cakes Ideas


Perhaps one of the most trendy wedding styles this season is boho. Memorable and unique, it requires originality in everything. Bohemian wedding cakes should effectively complete your holiday and put a bright dot in it. Flowers, feathers, greens and other details of this style are perfect for decoration. Choose your idea in our gallery.


Photo 1-3: Beautiful Flowers Сakes

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Photo 4-6: Small Wedding Cakes

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Photo 7-9: Naked Wedding Cakes Ideas

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Photo 10-12: Colorеd Bohemian Wedding Cakes

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Photo 13-15: Macramé Ideas

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Photo 16-18: Greenery On The Wedding Cake

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Photo 19-21: Stylish Bohemian Cakes

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Photo 22-24: Simple Ideas Wedding Cakes

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Photo 25-27: Drip Cakes

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Photo 28-30: Ideas With Feather For Wedding Cake

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