Creative Save The Date Ideas


So you are all excited about the impending wedding now that the date has been finalized. But are your friends equally excited? What about the other guests that you cannot afford to leave out? Will they remember your wedding date and find the time to attend? Well, you cannot really answer all of the above but you can certainly help them to remember the most important day of your life. Put on your thinking hat and come up with a set of cute and creative save the date ideas. Check out the tips below for some wonderfully creative ideas:


  1. Get quaint customized matchboxes with the details of your wedding date printed on it. It is surely gonged to remind your guests of the fireworks between you.
  1. Fashion your card in the form of a digital clock and let your friends be on the alert.
  1. Create a comic book with the story of how you met your groom/bride and send it to your guests with the date of your wedding etched in it. Be sure to make your romance interesting by adding humor, and love quotes in equal doses. Take the help of a graphic designer for turning out a professional looking edition of the story of your romance that prompted you to say ‘yes.’
  1. Get busy baking and turn out a batch of sugar cookies that has your wedding date on the top in Royal icing. Do not make them too soft though as the cookies may have to travel to faraway lands.
  1. Help your childhood friends and elderly relatives get all nostalgic by sending them colorful balloons with your date of the wedding.
  1. Indulge the artsy side of your personality by turning your photo into a postage stamp with the help of clip art. Print the details on the stamp and send it along.
  1. Try and joggle the memory cells of your forgetful friends by presenting them with tiled coasters with the date on it. They are sure to be reminded of you and your wedding every time they take a sip of something.
  1. Buy cute boxes and put the traditional save the date card inside. Tie each box with a frilly ribbon that has the date dangling from it. A surefire way of reminding people indeed!
  1. Order custom printed bookmarks in funky shapes and send them along with a formal wedding invitation. The bookworms will surely have a hard time forgetting the date now.
  1. Get simple wood pencils in bulk and get an artist to print the details on them. It is time to allow your wedding guests a little room for penciling in the date.
  1. What about funny dolls? Yes, they are just right for close friends who are sure to turn up once you remind them of the date by stamping it on the forehead of the doll.

Have fun with this, as this is one of the best places to show your awesome personality.