Wedding Kiss Photos

48 Most Creative Wedding Kiss Photos


Every couple wants to have the most beautiful, most romantic and most creative wedding kiss photos in their wedding album. We went through hundreds of wedding photos from amazing wedding photographers and picked 10 we think capture the wedding kiss in the most creative way. Hope these photos inspire you.


Photo 1 – 3: Happy, In Love, Beautiful

Source: Bethanysmallphoto,  Adamoprisphotography via instagram, Rachel Lynn Photography via instagram


Photo 4 – 6: Veiled Elegance

Source: Chardphoto via Instagramsoheil_r_a_d via InstagramSara Bee Photography


Photo 7 – 9: Unusual And Creative Wedding Kiss Photos

Source: Jordanvoth via instagramJana WilliamsTyfrenchphoto via instagram


Photo 10 – 12: For Everyone To See

Source: brides_style via instagram, Liz Erikson PhotographySally Pinera


Photo 13 – 15: Absolute Fairytale Kiss

Source: FilleroelantsOneSquaredPhotographyDavid Strauss Photography

Photo 16 – 18: A Private Moment

Source: Ladybirds Photography, Janasnuderl via instagramChelsea Jones Photography



Photo 19 – 21: In The Garden Of Love

Source: Chardphoto via InstagramAikafozphotographyAnoivadofuturo

Photo 22- 24: Tracing Love

Source: Taras Yasniy Photographer via instagram, Kelly Hornberger PhotographyMaktographymk via instagram


Photo 25 -27: A Warm Midnight Kiss

Source: Grace Troutman Photography via instagramTomi TakoVibrant Photography

Photo 28 – 30: No Words To Describe This Feeling


Photo 31 – 33: Wooden Kiss

Source: michaelanthonyphotography via instagram, WeddingdressesofficialSarah Joy Smith via instagram

Photo 34 – 36: Tender Kiss On The Shoulder

Source: Trent Bailey Studio PhotographersCalifornia Wedding Photography via instagram, alanvieiraph via instagram


Photo 37 – 39: Flying Kiss Among The Bubbles

Source: J&R PhotographyCecharvardRebeccadouglasphotography

Photo 40 – 42: Romantic Kiss On The Beach

Source: The Great Romance Love Water PhotoChardphoto via Instagram


Photo 43 – 45: The Kiss Behind The Wedding Table

Source: Rodolfo McartneyKarinaglinyukRodolfo Mcartney Photography via instagram

Photo 46 – 48: Wonderful Wedding Photo In Mountains

Source: adrianwashburnnRodolfo Mcartney via instagramRodolfomcartney via instagram

Its important to plan your wedding album shots beforehand. So take lots of time searching for inspirational shot and make sure to create a checklist. Have you created all your wedding checklists yet? Read our Wedding Planning Checklists to help you plan ahead and keep you on top of things.