7 Fresh Wedding Reception Ideas


The reception can be one of the most fun parts of the wedding, where you get together with your friends and family and have a great time celebrating your love. Why should you settle for an ordinary reception when you celebrate your extraordinary relationship? Here are seven of the fresh wedding reception ideas for a truly unique reception experience:

1. Go South

You don’t have to live in the South to adopt some southern-style fun. Invite your guests to come dressed like real southern gentry, and spend a balmy afternoon drinking mint juleps on a terrace together with your loved ones. Remember: aim for Gone with the Wind, not a NASCAR event.

2. Summer Camp Fun

You can forget renting a cabin – the fresh wedding reception ideas aim for more creative and nostalgic locations. When summer camps are not in session, their facilities can be easily and affordably adapted for more grown-up fun. You can enjoy campfires, s’mores, and time with family in a beautiful location, all while supporting a business that creates great experiences for kids.

3. Hit The Theatre

Set up your tables on stage and shine the spotlight on the reception of your dreams. The architecture and atmosphere of the place can create a mood of drama and adventure, and you can incorporate costumes and a photo booth to show your family and friends celebrating and enjoying the new and exciting atmosphere.

4. Underwater Adventures

If you want to have an underwater-themed reception, the local aquarium can be the perfect place to live your mermaid dreams. Style your decor in blues and silvers, and incorporate elements like seashells and coral that your guests can take home as souvenirs. Let the glittering of the water serve as a natural disco ball, and dance along with the marine life swimming around you.

5. A Night At The Museum

Once you have tied the knot, spend your evening celebrating in the museum that best suits your personalities. The fresh wedding reception ideas include visiting anything from the museum of natural history to the local museum of pinball machines or whiskey paraphernalia, so feel free to pick the place that suits you the best.

6. A Cliff Side Soiree

For people who have planned a wedding near a scenic overlook or geographic feature, having a reception that overlooks the view can create a beautiful environment for guests to enjoy the natural beauty of the world.

7. The Secret Garden

All of the fresh wedding reception ideas aim towards creating a sense of magic and warmth, which you can achieve by taking over your local botanical garden and transforming it into a fairy wonderland. Use twinkle lights draped fabrics, and the natural beauty of the garden itself to set the mood, and create intimate lounges for guests to tuck away in and talk.  Most importantly, find a clearing where you can set up a dance floor and let your guests twirl away under the stars.

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