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5 Totally Fun Bachelorette Party Games


Planning a bachelorette party, it is very important to choose the best fun bachelorette party games. The aim of these games is to do fun things at a bachelorette party, bring everyone together and learn more about the newlyweds-to-be. We have a collection of some of the best fun bachelorette party ideas that are all about celebrating the bride or having some friendly competition. Here are top five of simple bachelorette party games, that don’t require long preparation and are easy to set up.

Take a look and get inspired!

Ring Hunt, What’s In Your Cell Phone, Drop Your Panties and other fun bachelorette party games in one article!

Ring Hunt

Source: thepickledhippo via Instagram

How many people can play it: the more the better. Min 5, max. 25

Time needed: 20-40 minutes.

How to play:

Ring Hunt is a clean and fun game, one of those fun clean bachelorette party ideas that are appropriate for all ages. Usually, the length of a round of this game depends on the number of rings hidden. It reminds a bit of easter hunt, except that it the party theme is not Easter. You are going to need about 30 toy rings and several maps with clues. Be creative! Make sure that you have enough maps for an expected number of players. This game can be played in teams or separately versus other players, depending on the number of players. If the number of players is more than 6-7, divide them into groups. If your guests do not know each other well, it is highly advisable to play in teams. This way you will do a bit of teambuilding among guests so that they could get to know each other better before the wedding. Before the guests arrive, the host hides all the plastic rings, and the guests have to use maps and clues to find all of them. Also, this is one of the cheap bachelorette party games, and its preparation doesn’t require to spend a lot of money.


What’s In Your Cell Phone

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How many people can play it: the more the better. Min 5, max. 15

Time needed: 20-40 minutes

How to play:

When it comes to fun bachelorette party games, What’s In Your Cell Phone is one of the latest hits! You can indulge yourself, diving off into your smartphone without any feeling of guilt! This is a bachelorette game for the small group, and all you need to play this game is a smartphone and a list of possible items that can be found on a smartphone. You can make it a thematic bachelorette checklist game, or include some everyday items. Each lady scores points if she has an item from the list in her cellphone. It can range from something quite innocent – for example, a person with most contacts wins to something dirty – like naughty pics in the gallery. Other ideas include ‘A contact of a person called Fred’, a dating app, a popular game etc. You can also create a list of bachelorette photo challenges to find among gallery pics, like ‘A picture of a bride’ or ‘a selfie with the newlyweds-to-be’’.


Most Likely To

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How many people can play it: the more the better. Min 5, max. 15

Time needed: 30-40 minutes

How to play:

It’s time to get to know each other better! This is one of fun bachelorette party games that brings everyone together. It’s better to play with your best mates, your bride tribe, girls who know each other inside out. Make a list of crazy things that someone can do and situations that can happen. First hand out a copy of this list to each guest first. Then collect the answers. It’s time to guess! Fill your list with fun bachelorette party ideas and dares and try to guess who is most likely to do it.
The bride or the maid of honor read outloud the situations, while the gang votes who it can be. As you voted compare with the answers given by players.
This game can have a follow-up as a challenge if your guests are brave enough. Make them prove they can do it! This game can become an example of bachelorette party dares for the bride, and not only her!


Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Game

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How many people can play it: the more the better. Min 3, max. 15 (divided into teams)

Time needed: 20 minutes.

How to play:

This is one of bachelorette dinner games. It is an absolutely clean game without any age-inappropriate content, which makes it suitable for all age groups. You’ve probably played a similar game on Halloween. You don’t have to think whether some of the guests are going to be offended wbythis game or not. All you are going to need are wedding dresses designs from wedding magazines and catalogs, and a lot of toilet paper! Guests divide into teams and choose the design (or the bride chooses the design herself). As soon as the team is ready, a timer is set for 7 minutes. The teams compete to make a replica of the chosen dress design from the toilet paper. The bride gets all decked out in a toilet paper dress. The bachelorette’s favorite design wins the game. Even if you don’t have cutouts from magazines, you can invent the designs all by yourselves and have a toilet paper fashion show!


Drop Your Panties aka Lingerie Game

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How many people can play it: the more the better. Min 5 people

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to play:

This is one of classic fun bachelorette party ideas – a panty guessing game is one of all-time hen party favorites, just like drink if bachelorette games, penis straws, party sharades etc. Dirty bachelorette games are one of the staples of a classical hen party: after all, this is the last single wild night with the gang! You should make it really memorable… And maybe collect some memorabilia of your bachelorette! This typical game needs almost no preparation: simply call all the guests and ask them to bring a pair of new panties that they think shows off their personality. The bride tries to guess, whose panties are those and match them to their owner. It is also traditional to bring new panties, so the guests could present them to the bride after the party.

After all, lingerie is a typical wedding shower gift for a close friend, and there are so many styles there’s never enough!

Anyway, just remember that the aim is to have fun! Enjoy the party!