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51 Gorgeous Summer Wedding Bouquets


Photo 13-18: Perfect White & Crimson Bouquets

Crimson and white depicts romance, love and purity, a legendary mix!  For beach wedding

bouquets, it’s a hit, even in the tropics. It’s slightly understated, but bursts with deep tones that brightens and warms.

These bridal flowers come in shades for neat, rich and simple wedding bouquets. Use anemones, clematis, ranunculus, white and classic roses for your bouquets and to add a spark to your decor.

Flowers to avoid

  • Tulips and daffodils: As beautiful as they are, their stems do not hold water well. If you must use, put them in them in the middle of a bouquet.
Source: Jane Shauck PhotographyCamrose Hill Flower StudioKate Holstein photography

Photographers: Kate Robinson PhotographySandra Costello photographyLove Lit Wedding Photography


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