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24 Modern Groom’s Attire Details To Look Perfect


We wrote a lot about bride, her dress, hairstyle, bouquet… But what about her future husband? It’s time to talk about groom. It’s as much his day as it’s her day. So we’re gathered modern groom’s attire details. And of course all these necessary stuff like suspenders, ties and socks, boutonnieres, pocket squares.


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Photo 1-6: Groom’s Attire Details – Bow Ties

Source: Priscila Valentina photography, Bek Grace, Ashley Bosnick photography

Source: Aleksandra Koshmanova photography, Phil Chester, Lara Hotz


Photo 7-12: Boutonnieres & Ties And Pocket Squares

Source: Chattman photography, Lucy Greenhill photography, Michelle Lindsell photography

Source: Amy & Jordan photography, Cassandra Farley photography, Amanda MacDonald photography


Photo 13-18: Colors Of Tie And Socks

Source: April Maura photography, Ricky Stern photography, The Why We Love

Source: Fondly Forever, Luna photo, Midwestern Bride


Photo 19-24: Groom’s Attire Details – Pants & Suspenders

Source: Emma Case photography, Austin Gros, Anne-Claire Brun

Source: RJH photography, Dreamy Elk photography & Design, Victoria Carlson photography