18 Simple And Creative Ideas For Wedding Flower Preservation

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Wedding bouquets are sentimental; in some cases, costly and time-consuming to arrange. So, no bride wants to dump the ultimate beauty that saw them down the aisle. If you are in this dilemma, the valid discussion is how to preserve a wedding bouquet yourself.


You want to make them into keepsakes and relish the comfort of having a part of your big day. We are here to tell you that keeping your flowers for years or forever is possible. Yet, you must decide on the most practical method for your home and immediate environment. Whether dried or fresh, you can press them, dry them out, embed them in silica gel, and more. For more wedding bouquet preservation ideas, keep reading.

Brides often ask

What do you need to put in dried flower bouquets?

Blooms with tight petals dry very well, and sturdy flowers aren’t at risk of losing their leaves. These attributes put them above all else. Choose eucalyptus, baby’s breath, dried palms, pampas grass, and dried lavender bunches.

How long do dried flower bouquets last?

Fresh flowers can last for three to ten days, but dried wedding flowers can last from one to three years. They can last for up to ten years, depending on preservation and dye. There are many methods of preserving flowers, from air drying to pressing, and more. You can also replace the sap with glycerin to make them look as natural as possible. Keep them away from direct sunlight and humidity to maintain the vibrant colors.

Are dried flowers cheaper than fresh for a wedding?

Yes, they are cheaper alternatives to fresh flowers. Dried flowers hang between fresh and faux flowers, giving you the best of both worlds. For such small amounts, you can either recycle or keep them for life or many years, at least.



Boho Wedding Bouquet

Boho wedding bouquets are great for a traditional wedding, whimsical, garden, or any nature-inspired wedding. For the perfect bohemian bouquet, think of baby’s breath, greenery, and the whole nine yards for a playful romantic look. Pair sage and cream with quicksand roses and heroes white. Complement them with flannel flowers, ranunculus, and baby’s breath for free-spirited elegance. You can also explore warm tones with accents of rustic greenery, using baby’s breath and branches of gum leaves. For a princess look, consider cream and pink camellias, leafy touches, and dahlias.



Bouquets in Classic Style

Classic bouquets are timeless with traditional blooms that are evergreen. They are not hard to create and are symbolic at weddings. Enjoy a mix of multiple-sized polar roses, hydrangeas, and white Angelique tulips. For a delicate and monochromatic affair, opt for a bouquet of pink lush cabbage roses or dahlias. However, combine peonies, white sweet peas, ranunculus, Candy Bianca, Champagne, and Majolica roses for elegance. If you want something nude, pastel, or powder blue, try a mix of Porcelain-vine berries and delphinium. Spruce up this arrangement with pale-colored roses, ranunculus, dahlias, and red-veined pitcher-plant leaves.



Ideas with Wild Flowers

Delicate flowers like the peonies, dahlias, and roses of this world are beautiful, but we love a bit of the wild. There is something hypnotic, appealing, and magical about them. Is it their freedom, unpredictability, or little fuss that draws in everyone? We can’t tell, but we can assure you that with them, you’d never know what to expect. The glorious natural and whimsical Wildflowers are perfect for country, barn, garden, and bohemian weddings. A combination of purple vervain, Sunshine daisies, red poppies, light lavender, blue cornflowers, white chicory is everything dreamy. If you want to make a wilder statement, match them with herbs, grains, and grasses like wheat, bulrushes, pampas grass, and sprigs of rosemary. This chic-looking diversity will make an unexpected, effortless bouquet.



Small Wedding Bouquets

While we love the voluminous bloomers and cascading bouquets, small wedding bouquets are super-attractive. They are meaningful and pretty, reeling compensation for what they lack in stature. Whether you want a whimsical, romantic, or sophisticated wedding, small wedding bouquets hold an allure that you cannot resist. To evoke a pastel-hued dream, opt for shades of roses, lisianthus, and hydrangeas. Finish the look with some wispy sprigs of greenery for texture and dimension. For brides who love to get creative, mix exotic orchids with traditional roses to create dazzling contrasts. Incorporate natural elements and dried flowers in small arrangements to evoke a charming, vintage bouquet. Feature an array of Billy balls, lavender, thistle, ammonium statice to hit your mark.


Tender Wedding Dried Flowers Bouquets

Join the raging trend of getting married holding a dried wedding bouquet. We are so in love with this style because of its sun-bleached hues and many textures. Dried wedding bouquets are perfect for both vintage and modern weddings, learning how to dry a wedding bouquet is a plus. Let’s talk about features like bold stems, seed pods, unusual blooms, dried grasses, and long-lasting plants. They may be less fragrant than fresh flowers, but they have earthy, warm tones in many shapes. If you are thinking of lavender, you are wrong. Dried wedding flowers are more versatile than lavender. You can mix them up with their fresh incarnations or dried versions. Think Gerbera daisies, chrysanthemums, roses, Sundaze Blaze Strawflower, Pansiolas, Baby’s Breath, Globe Amaranth, and tulips. There are more dried flowers than you can imagine.



The appeal of lavender is in its scents, delicate florets, and refined color. Even though it has no big blooming petals, the flower still packs a punch at a wedding. This is why it’s becoming the rage, with a possible 2022 wedding trend. One of the best ways to incorporate lavender is by adding a few sprigs into your bouquet. To create a colorful mix, throw on some zinnias, rosemary, blueberries, waxflower, or surround them with greenery. Lavender is great for rustic weddings, among others, whether dried or fresh. Their scent is a soothing bonus down the aisle.

We’ve dropped a ton of information on wedding flower preservation methods for you. They are viable for both fresh and dried flowers. We also answered your FAQs where you can learn all you need to know about dried wedding flowers. Also, get some style inspiration to help you create magic regardless of your wedding theme. As an alternative, opt for a simple uniform bundle of pure lavender arrangements without accents.