The Most Heartwarming John Legend Love Songs For Your Wedding Day

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John Legend is a musical legend, and he has some of the most fantastic songs that can be used for a wedding. If you love soul music, R&B, and piano instrumentals with some of the best romantic lyrics, then you must consider John Legend’s wedding songs for your big day.

Create the best wedding playlist with some of the most iconic John Legend love songs below.

Brides Often Ask

What is the #1 wedding song?

The number one wedding song is “All of Me” by John Legend. It is a favorite of countless couples among other classic tunes such as “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley, “You Are the Best Thing” by Ray LaMontagne, and “At Last” by Etta James.


Top John Legend Songs

  1. “One Life,” Bigger Love
    One song that’s a bit more upbeat than John Legend’s usual ballads, “One Life” is a great choice for your wedding reception. It can be especially used when you need your guests to get up and get down on the dancefloor. A song is full of fun and optimism.
  2. “All of Me,” Love in the Future
    An ideal first dance song, “All of Me” was dedicated to John Legend’s wife and would be a great dedication to your partner. One of his most popular hits, it is sure to keep your guests transfixed as you celebrate each other.
  3. “You & I (Nobody in the World),” Love in the Future
    Another great choice for a first dance, “You & I (Nobody in the World)” was also dedicated to John Legend’s wife. Well, what other way to show each other and the world that this day is just about the both of you.
  4. “A Good Night,” A Good Night
    If you are planning to have the best of nights, then definitely consider this song for your wedding reception entry. One among many of John Legend’s top songs, the clean version would best suit such an event if kids are also attending. It might also be a good last dance number.

  6. “Never Break,” Bigger Love
    It can’t be easy to choose from amongst so many John Legend wedding songs. However, you can’t go wrong with one of his most emotional numbers. A perfect choice to play in the background either during your wedding ceremony or the wedding reception.
  7. “Made to Love,” Love in the Future
    Another one of our upbeat John Legend songs, “Made to Love” is sure to get your guests off their seats and onto the dance floor. It has all the right lyrics, beats, and flows to get your loved ones grooving and just having an altogether great time.
  8. “Favorite Place,” Bigger Love
    Some people recommend this as a John Legend wedding first dance song, however, due to its upbeat nature and slightly raunchy lyrics, we think otherwise. “Favorite Place” is a great song to play during or after dinner to get your guests dancing and celebrating your union.
  9. “I Love, You Love,” Evolver
    Such a slow song with heartwarming and romantic lyrics deserves to make it to your wedding playlist. As far as John Legend’s love songs go, we suggest “I Love, You Love” for a wedding processional. It has all the right lyrics and the right tone.
  10. “Conversations in the Dark,” Conversations in the Dark
    Though this might not make it to the list of most popular John Legend songs “Conversations in the Dark” makes a great tune for a wedding backdrop. A good choice for the wedding ceremony or reception, it’s a soothing number that will resonate with your guests and the love you share.
  11. “U Move, I Move,” Bigger Love
    Featuring the lovely Jhene Aiko, this new tune is slowly becoming a popular John Legend first dance song. The rhythm of the song and the combination of both voices makes it a truly gorgeous number. A tribute to your union on such an important day.
  12. “Each Day Gets Better,” Once Again
    Don’t forget to add this tune to your John Legend playlist and prophecy only the best into your marriage. “Each Day Gets Better” is a nostalgic tune for your wedding reception as you look into the future together hoping for each day to be better than the last.
  13. “One Woman Man,” Fifty Shades Darker [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    The piano instrumentals and jazzy tune of this song make it perfect for the latter part of your wedding reception. Slow dances, hugs, and goodbyes as your guests sing along to the catchy tune.

  15. “Bigger Love,” Bigger Love
    “A celebration of love, resilience, and hope”, as the singer called it, “Bigger Love” would be a great backdrop for your wedding reception without a doubt.
  16. “So High,” Get Lifted
    Another great number for your John Legend wedding playlist, “So High” would be perfect as a backdrop during your wedding reception. Consider using it during cocktail hour or even when it’s time to cut the cake.

Create the most wholesome wedding playlist with John Legend wedding songs. The instrumental piano tunes and heartwarming lyrics are sure to give you the perfect wedding day.