12 Last Minute Wedding Planning Details

12 Last Minute Wedding Planning Details You Should Not Forget


For brides, there is no detail that is too large or small when it comes to wedding planning. There are many last minute wedding planning details that are crucial to pulling off the perfect wedding ceremony. Here are a few tips to remind you of those bridal-to-dos before you take a trip down the aisle.

You’ve taken every necessary step to ensure that your wedding day is a special one but that doesn’t make you worry any less about the little details. There are a few important aspects that must be taken care of before you say “I Do” to your groom. It’s very simple and you can handle those little wedding planning details with ease if you consider these tips.

1. Coming Up With A Music Playlist

This is one of the important things that many people forget about while planning for their big day. It is important that you consult your partner and come up with a list of your favorite songs. Additionally, it is important that you come up with a tentative list of songs for each section of the event, such as the cocktail hour, dancing, dinner and father-daughter dance.

Read our Top 50 Father-Daughter Wedding Dance Song Ideas if you need some help. However, it is not important to decide which song will be played at what time; leave that work to the DJ. It is also vital that you let the DJ know the songs you will not want to hear at any point of the event.

2. Collecting The Marriage License

The collection date, as well as the requirements for a marriage certificate, varies from one state to the other. However, collecting the marriage certificate should be one of your last minute wedding planning tasks. Basically, it is advisable that you have the license at least 24 hours before the material day. Most importantly, you should go through the legal requirements for getting a wedding certificate before visiting the clerk. This will ensure that the marriage is legal.

3. Preparing Tip Envelopes

After the wedding, you may need to reward all the people who participated in making the day a success, such as the vendors and the wedding planner. It will be a huge inconvenience to spend the first night as a couple handing out cash or writing checks to the various parties. This is the time you should be thinking about the honeymoon.

To avoid this, you should designate envelopes to the various people you would like to reward, containing the appropriate tip, prior to the big day. You can then hand over the envelopes to a relative or even the wedding planner to give them to the various recipients after the event.

4. Getting A Suitable Point Person

On a material day, many people will be eager to ask you questions, as you prepare to walk down the aisle. Among the last minute, wedding planning tasks that can make you avoid this inconvenience is appointing a well-suited point person. This can be your relative, a bridesmaid, the planner or a friend. This person will help in fielding the inquiries on your behalf.

5. Sending A Small Note to Your Groom

As the material day approaches, you should take some time to write a note to your husband to be, telling him how eager and excited you are to finally become his wife. Alternatively, you may send him a message to convey this message. This will go a long way in making him less nervous.

6. Fitting The Dress For The Last Time

A week or a couple of days prior to the wedding, you should try the wedding gown for the last time. This is to ensure that it fits well. Additionally, this final fitting of the gown will give you ample time to have any mishaps on the dress corrected before the wedding day.

7. Finalizing Work On The Vows

Regardless of whether you are drafting your own, custom vows or going with something more traditional. It is important that you consult with your official a few days to the material day, to ensure that everything is okay. Additionally, vows should be ready during the rehearsal. This will ensure that the event progresses smoothly without any glitches.

8. Cross Checking The Scheduled Delivery Times

It is very likely that the venue you will be using is rented. This implies that you only have the venue for a certain period. As such, you a delay in delivering the various items can be a big inconvenience. A few days of the event, you need to various supplies, including the ones supplying the cake, flowers and the rentals, to ensure that they are aware of the timing. If possible, you should have the suppliers supply the various items in time so that there is ample time to prepare the venue.

9. Hair Removal

It can be both inconveniencing and time wasting to get rid of the hair on your arms and legs on a material day. Instead, you should squeeze a hair removal session into your schedule a day or two before the wedding day. While some brides tend to forget this, it is also an important aspect of last minute wedding planning.

10. Picking Up The Rings

This is another important task that needs to be accomplished before the wedding day. You can carry out this task on your own or have someone do it for you. While collecting the rings, you need to ensure that they are well polished until they are sparkling.

11. Packing The Essentials For Your Honeymoon

After the ceremony, you may not have time to rush home and pack for the honeymoon. Rather than having to wait until after the wedding to pack for the honeymoon, it is advisable to pack a day or two prior to the wedding. This will spare a lot of time to socialize with friends and family members after the ceremony and before you leave for the honeymoon.

12. Packing The Essentials For The Big Day

Just like any other day, there are various things you will need for the wedding day and the sooner you can find them, the better. Such items include hair products, makeup, accessories and shape ware.  Packing such requirements in time will ensure that you have what you need when you need it, thus avoid inconveniences.

Many people will tell you a lot of things, regarding wedding preparation, but the majority of them will leave out these essential last minute wedding planning tasks. These tasks can make the difference between a successful wedding and a ruined wedding.