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5 Last Minute Wedding Planning Details You Can’t Forget About


Planning a wedding can be fun but also extremely stressful, and it is easy to forget a few crucial details. If you are working full-time while also planning your wedding, time management becomes crucial. So before those last-minute wedding day jitters set in, check this list to ensure your wedding day goes off without a hitch.

Confirm All Your Vendors

About a week before your big day, check in with all your vendors to make sure all the details are correct and confirm the date and time. Before choosing a vendor make sure to research your vendors. Many weddings have been spoiled by a date or time mishap, and you don’t want that happening to you. Give your caterer a final headcount; make your final payments to them and other vendors. Put together tip envelopes so you have them ready to hand out at the reception. You will want a trusted member of your wedding party to hold the rings, the tips, and some extra cash to have on hand. Also, make sure you have arranged with a limousine or other transportation service for you and the entire wedding party. Remember to order meals for your vendors who will be there throughout the reception like the bartender, your photographer, hairdresser, florist, etc.


Pack For Your Honeymoon

As your wedding draws near, you will be quite busy with many tasks and appointments, so it’s a good idea to pack for your honeymoon early. Have your bags ready to go and even put them in the car, so you don’t have to even think about them until you are prepared to leave. Many couples go directly from their wedding reception to the honeymoon so you won’t have time for any last-minute issues with forgotten items.


Don’t Forget to Pick Up Your Marriage License

A few days before your wedding, do not forget to pick up your marriage license. Throughout your married life, you will need your marriage certificate to prove your identity and name change. Your marriage license is a critical part of your wedding. Once you have it, put it in a safe place and remember to bring it to the ceremony. After you are married, your officiate will sign it and have both of you sign it as well. They will then file it with your local town clerk’s office to be included in the marriage records for the state. This piece of paper is the official record of your union and means you are legally married. Marriage certificates belong to individual public records. Those are records that revolve around the biggest and most important events in our lives.


Talk to Your Photographer

The photographs and video for your wedding are all that will remain of your wedding day. Wedding photographs help to remind you of the valuable memories of your special day, and therefore it’s essential that you be clear about what you want. Have a discussion with your photographer about every picture you want to be taken and who you want to be grouped together. Also, have them take a lot of candid photos as well. You can also map out a wedding-day, photography schedule. Be sure to let everyone in the wedding party know when they are expected to be dressed, coiffed and ready for pictures.


Have a Backup Plan for Bad Weather

You can’t control the weather, and even if the weatherman said it would be perfect and sunny out, unexpected things do happen. Make sure you have a contingency plan with plenty of tents to cover your reception area if it is held outside. If your wedding is held in a hot climate, you will need shade for your guests. If it is rainy and cold, have an indoor option as well. Depending on how large or small your wedding is, you may have to reserve duplicate spaces to make sure you don’t end up drenched or sweltering. Always have extra seating also. People tend to show up for weddings that did not RSVP, and you don’t want anyone standing or scrambling around to find chairs in the middle of your festivities.

You cannot be too careful when planning a wedding. There are a lot of people involved and a lot of details to manage. Make sure not to be a victim of scam as that will ruin your wedding day. Hopefully, this list will help keep you on track and make the most of your perfect wedding day.