5 Must-Do Things On Your Wedding Day Morning

must do things on wedding day morning
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The morning of your wedding has finally arrived and you’re excited to get the show on the road, but there are still things you need to remember to do, even if you’ve planned everything down to the tiniest detail. You may be thinking that all you need to do now is get dressed, show up and say “I do.” It’s important to mind the small things, though; here are some things to keep in mind as you go over your wedding day morning checklist and attend to last-minute details.


Must Do #5: Tidy Up Your Space For Morning Photo Shoot

For an even more memorable wedding day morning, many brides opt for special ‘getting ready’ photo shoot like the one above.


Must Do #4: Relax & Rock Out

There’s a surefire way to relax and get into your groove on your wedding day morning, and that’s to have a prepared playlist of your favorite songs going in the background while you’re getting ready for your big day. Your favorite tunes will help you relax and focus on what’s important, while priming you to feel great all through your wedding day.


Must Do #3: Sensible Shoes

You may wear heels all the time, but today isn’t going to be like most other days. Today, wear sensible shoes that don’t kill your feet, at least until it’s time to show off those gorgeous heels that perfectly complement your beautiful gown.  You’ll be spending hours on your feet today, so wear flats or other comfy shoes as long as you can.


Must Do #2: Full Power Phone

Your smartphone battery probably isn’t the greatest thing in the world, even on a day when you’re not going to be using it every 2 minutes to send and receive wedding-related messages. If you’ve got your vows, to-do lists or other things stored on your phone, it’s even more important that it doesn’t die on you. Make sure it’s full charged on your wedding day morning, and don’t forget to take a charger or alternative power source along with you.


Must Do #1: Perfect Makeup Will Need Some Spares

Your wedding makeup is going to consist of a few special pieces, so make sure you pack spares to carry along with you. Doing this makes it much easier to touch up any makeup mishaps on the go than having to search through a bunch of wedding things to find your makeup.

Don’t get too spare-happy, though. Only carry a few small, important things such as a good powder and lipstick, along with some extra mascara and lip-liner.

Follow these tips and we are confident that your wedding day morning and the rest of the day will be perfect.