The Perils Of Inviting The Wrong Wedding Guests


Inviting the wrong guests to your wedding is the best way to make sure your big day goes right off the tracks. There are certain people who should never be invited to your wedding; and those which, while you may have to invite them, must be watched carefully for signs of impending doom. The worst wedding guests are the ones you need to cut from your guest list before your big day. Keep an eye out for the guests who would rather take the spotlight all for themselves, rather than helping you celebrate your wedding day.

1. Anyone’s “Ex”

Even if you’re friendly with them, an ex shouldn’t be part of your guest list. The risk is too great that old emotions might surface on your wedding day when emotions are running high anyway. Instead of potentially dealing with a disaster on your wedding day, just leave exes off the guest list and avoid the problems altogether.


2. Relative Craziness

If some family members are notorious for causing problems, it might be best to cross their names off your list of wedding guests before they can carry their craziness into your wedding day. If it would be horribly impolitic not to invite this family member to your wedding, you probably need to assign a special detail to try to keep an eye on them and make sure they behave. Don’t engage in any of their nonsense and be prepared to ask them to leave if they become disruptive.


3. The Show-Off

It’s the girl who’s wearing the most attention-grabbing outfit she could possibly find, accompanied by four-inch heels, professional hair and makeup, brightly-painted 2-inch nails and so much cologne, she could cover the smell of a pig farm.  She works hard to make sure she’s the center of attention and will do anything to be noticed. If you happen to have one of these wedding guests, just do your best to ignore her.


4. Drunk and Disorderly

These wedding guests can cause a huge headache on your big day. They take full advantage of the champagne and may have a flask of their own, too. This guest doesn’t believe in having a drink or two and calling it good; he’s the guy who can’t seem to control himself and doesn’t seem to see anything wrong with acting like a drunken frat guy on your wedding day. You’re much better off just to leave this type of guest off the list; you’ll be glad you did.


5. Final Word

Your wedding day is about you, not your wedding guests. None of them should be trying to shift attention to themselves or cause a big scene on your big day. If you must invite these kinds of wedding guests, make sure there’s a plan in place to deal with them if (when) they get out of hand.