Reasons To Hire A Make Up Artists For Wedding


If you must look good for your big day, hiring make up artists for the wedding is very important. This is one day when your looks matter the most, so a good makeup artist is indispensable. We hate to imagine that you’d look back and have so many regrets about your wedding looks.

This is because you did everything right so that your wedding turns out special and perfect. You picked out a great venue, smashing dress, eye-popping accessories, many great vendors, etc. The plan to hire makeup artists should also factor amongst at the top of your wedding checklist.

Although, it is common knowledge that leaving how you look in the hands of a stranger is unnerving. But will arm you with all the information you need to hire a great wedding makeup artist. From questions to everything you should look out for, we have your guide!

The Things To Know Before Hiring A Wedding Makeup Artist

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To hire makeup artists, there are a few important things you should know. The information you have helps you get the best out of your wedding makeup artist. The journey to knowledge begins from when you’re scouting to when you book your first trial.
How do you want to look on your wedding day? How many people are on your team? How do you find the best makeup artists? We discussed all that below.


Get the Best Makeup Artist

First of all, stay away from Craigslist and second person reports. If you don’t see it yourself, it is not for you. Hire makeup artists through referrals and recommendations. This is because you’ve seen their works and know what to expect.

You can also go read reviews about works you like. Go ahead to check out the work portfolio of your best artists. Save pictures you love and get all the information you can on the artist, before booking a consultation.


Decide On a Look for Your Wedding

If there is any specific way you want to look on your wedding day, decide now. But remember that makeup should enhance and not eliminate your natural beauty. Make your pick around your normal makeup routine.

And if you are not big on makeup, communicate the same to your pro. This helps the wedding makeup artist understand what they are up against. Your wish for the wedding look will guide them during trials on how to give you the best.


Details! Details!!

This is a very important factor, as it determines timing, price and the number of help you need. Be sure that your makeup artist of choice is available on your wedding date. Then peg down the number of people who will do their makeup. This can range from your bridal train to your mom and family.
The makeup artist will have a clear number of how much job and if they can do it. If they can, they’ll come prepared with enough help, giving you a seamless affair.



How To Find Make Up Artists For Wedding

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The journey on how to find a makeup artist for the wedding is a fun one. But it could turn into a nightmare if you don’t arm yourself with information. You could end up looking like a scarecrow on the big day.

There are vital things you should know before you begin looking for a makeup artist. From attitude to pricing and conduct, I’ll discuss the most vital of them below.

Begin Early

Your wedding day is special and needs everyone to bring their A-game aboard. They will check out your skin and advice on relevant regimen. If there is a skin problem, you’d need to work on that before your wedding.

You need to also have pre-wedding trials, to know if your chosen makeup suits you. This is why it is important to know what type of makeup you want for the wedding.

So, begin your search for a makeup artist as early as 6-8months pre-wedding. You can scout for the best online, or do referrals. When you see a wedding makeup of someone you know, ask for their details for future use.
This is a good place to start from when you need to get a professional for wedding makeup looks.


Price Range

In all honesty, hiring in good makeup artist is no child’s play. It is a fact that you get what you pay for when you hire makeup artists for the wedding. You could get someone at a very low cost, but they’re either not reliable or will do a crappy job.

The price of a makeup artist is equal to how long they spend at your wedding. They will handle your first look, wedding, and reception. Again, understand that the number of people on your entourage having their makeup done will cost more.
And last is the number of makeup artists on the team. Hence, a starting rate of $500 is not bad and for a full day, $2500 is a good start. Cutting costs here is not ideal.

Know Their Personalities

The worst thing that can happen to you is hiring a terrible wedding makeup artist. They will be the cloud in your otherwise beautiful sky. More than a makeup artist, you need a solid support system. Someone reliable, responsible and lovely.

You should be able to have a seamless relationship with your makeup artist, even as they are confident in their work. Now, there is a boundary between confidence and arrogance. Look out for that and stay away from those who exhibit the latter.
It is your day and everything revolves around you. Work with makeup artists who have great personalities and will not give you problems.


Mostly Asked Questions

Contemplating how to find a good makeup up artist, the following are FAQs to help you.

  1. What important information do I give my makeup artist?
    Give them your best colors, plus ingredients and products you react to. Tell them about the venue and the weather.
  2. Is it necessary I get along with my makeup artist?
    Yes, it’s very important you get along. But this can only happen when you understand how they work.
  3. Is presenting photos important?
    Very important! From the wedding venue to your best pictures, and even your dress. It helps them work better.
  4. How long does my makeup artist stay?
    It will cost you between $500-$4000 to hire a do and go, or for the whole day. So, if you’re on a budget, you can hire a do and return. This works if you have a different reception dress.
  5. What does a basic makeup artist service include?
    A do-over from your clavicle to your face, shoulder glow and leg moisturizing. Any extras like faux lashes, tattoo coverings, etc. Attracts more cost.

Makeup artists for a wedding are the stars of the day because they transform you. But if you choose the wrong one, your wedding becomes a disaster. Hire a makeup artist who will give you an elegant makeup for a wedding look. This post is a guide to show you how to find a good makeup artist. Work with it and look back on your day with a smile.