Rundown Of The Best Castles For Weddings


If you’ve dreamed since you were a little girl of being a beautiful princess on your wedding day, you have surely been considering your options for castle weddings.   Castles offer an impressive sense of history and romance, and your castle wedding will be an event you’re sure to remember forever.  While many think castles exist only in certain parts of the world, there are castles located on nearly every continent.  Here are some of the best castles that are available for castle weddings.

1. Ashford Castle

Located in Cong Village, County Mayo, Ireland, Ashford Castle dates back all the way to the 13th century.  It’s situated on 350 acres of pristine parkland and offers access to a golf course with nine holes.  It’s got every feature you’d imagine a castle having, and boasts all sorts of modern amenities, as well.  There’s a restaurant that has won awards and the castle provides an outstanding destination for your honeymoon, too.  Not only is it gorgeous, the hospitality offered in Ireland is second to none.

2. Dalhousie Castle

Located in picturesque Bonnyrigg, Scotland, Dalhousie Castle offers one of the best options for castle weddings.  It is steeped in history, offering a romantic history that includes the claim to fame of hosting Edward I and Mary, Queen of Scots. There are gorgeous forested areas and pastures through which a beautiful river winds.  Not only is it a wonderful castle wedding destination, it also provides a wonderful place to take your honeymoon, too.  One of the most unusual offerings of Dalhousie Castle, though, is an owl that can make sure your wedding rings get to your ceremony.

3. Artist’s Castle

Another of the most beautiful options for castle weddings is the Artist’s Castle, located in historic and beautiful Cannes in the famed French Riviera.  Dating back all the way to the 14th century, the castle stands on a site that was originally settled by the Roman Empire about two millennia ago.  One of the most traditional French castles available for castle weddings, it boasts soaring ramparts, a pair of towers and a gatehouse complete with turrets.  Wedding photos can be taken among manicured grounds and formal gardens with fountains and topiaries.

4. Paronella Park Castle

Located in the wild and rugged Australian state of Queensland, Paronella Park offers a lush tropical retreat with outstanding gardens, breathtaking scenery, and unique vegetation only found in rainforests.  Its beauty is augmented by abundant wildlife, including bright birds, colorful butterflies, and adorable bandicoots.

5. Falkenstein Castle

For couples who are craving all the romance of a castle wedding but don’t want to travel too far from home, Falkenstein Castle is located in the US and is very reminiscent of the fairytale castles of Disney fame.  Perfectly manicured gardens, enchanting lily ponds, and dramatic fountains offer excellent wedding photo opportunities, while the interior brings to mind traditional European castles.