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30 Rustic Wedding Reception Exciting Ideas


There are 2 types of women: those who have dreamt about a luxurious and glamorous wedding in the red carpet style from the very childhood and those who want to celebrate their wedding in a simple, warm and comfortable atmosphere. If you feel like getting back to your roots and plan a traditional ceremony,  it is the very place where you will find really exciting and fresh ideas for your rustic wedding reception.


 Photo 1-3: Rustic Glam Wedding Reception Ideas

Source: Kerrie Mitchell Photography, Studio This Is, thewhiteemporium via Instagram


Photo 4-6: Lanterns Perfectly Fit To Decorating Rustic Reception

Source: Andie Freeman Photography, Elizabeth Anne Designs, Tracy Enoch Photography


Photo 7-9: Original And Simple Rustic Decor Ideas

Source: Rose and Spear Photography, Kerrie Mitchell PhotographyRad Red Creative


Photo 10-12: Beautiful Wedding Reception In A Barn

Source: Dana Fernandez Photography, Ashley Giffin Photography, RGV Photographer


Photo 13-15: Rustic Wedding Reception With Bright Flowers

Source: Dawn Derbyshire via Instagram, Studio This Is, The Ganeys

Photo 16-18: Elegant Wedding Receptions In A Rustic Style

Source: Wholehearted Wedding Films, Oakwood Events, nadja_osieka_hochzeitsfotograf via Instagram


Photo 19-21: Wedding Reception Ideas With The Ceiling Of Greenery

Source: Karlisch Photography, Michelle Lange Photography, Emily Wren Photography

Photo 22-24: Farm Rustic Reception With A Rude Wood

Source: Christian Oth Studio, Sawyer Baird Photography, Greenery NYC