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30 Beautiful And Simple Wedding Hairstyles


Are you looking for an interesting wedding hairstyle? Don’t have a lot of time to do it? There is right decision – a simple wedding hairstyles with different accessorizes, garlands and flowers which will help to make look more romantic and elegant. Do curls, tails and updos yourself at home. All the hairstyles are comfortable to wear and easy to manage for brides. You must remember this day as the brightest one.


Photo 1-3: Wedding Hairstyles With Flowers

Source: Veronica Lola PhotographyTwig and Fawn PhotographyJBM Photography

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Photo 4-6: Simple Wedding Hairstyles With Accessories

Source:  Artiese Photography, TANIA MARAS  via Instagram, Danani


Photo 7-9: Wedding Updos With Accessorizes

Source: TANIA MARAS  via Instagram, Veiled Beauty via InstagramTonya Pushkareva via Instagram


Photo 10-12: Easy Wedding Updos

Source: elstilespb via Instagram Hair & Makeup by Steph, sunkissed AND MADE UP


Photo 13-15: Amazing Up-Down Hairstyles

Source: purpleemoon via TumblrMelinda Rose DesignNicole Berrett Photography 

Photo 16-18: Lovely Wavy Wedding Hairstyles

Source: ivy & stone via Facebook, toristylist via Instagram, Mackensey Alexander


Photo 19-21: Simple Tails As A Wedding Hairstyles

Source: Laura and Clare via Instagram, SALLY PINERAErich McVey Photography

Photo 22-24: Interesting Side-Swept Hairstyles For Wedding

Source: Bride’s RoomCorbin Gurkin PhotographyCat Dossett Photography


Photo 25-27: Short Bright Hairstyles For Brides

Source: Martina Dorta, Martina DortaRebecca Yale  Photography

Photo 28-30: Gorgeous Hairstyles With Veil

Source:Elizabeth Messina Photography, Veiled Beauty via Instagram, Amy and Jordan Photography