27 Heart-Warming Wedding Thank You Ideas

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Preparing for the perfect wedding day can be fun and overwhelming at the same time. But what is the essence of all that trouble if none of the invited guests show up for you? Showing up means that you matter because they’ve sacrificed time, money, and other inconveniences, just to be present. So you see why saying thank you to them is very important?

Guests feel seen, valued, and appreciated when they say thank you. Hence, it is wise to sort out the wedding thank you ideas as you plan your wedding. There are limitless options of unique wedding thank you card ideas. They could be cards, gifts, art, and more, depending on your budget and abilities. If you don’t know how to start, we’ve got a long list of memorable thank you ideas below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do brides still send thank you notes?

Of course, brides still send them! However, they have become more personalized through writing by hand and other custom additions.

Is it OK to send wedding thank yous a year later?

Send your thank-yous between two weeks to three months post-wedding. But it’s okay to send them a year after.

Do you send thank you cards to all wedding guests?

Yes, please. Send to guests who attended, those who didn’t but sent gifts, and the wedding vendors who were present.

Use Props for Thank You Shot Ideas

Incorporating props for your appreciation shots is one of the most heartfelt wedding thank you ideas. Props give stunning backdrops, bringing your theme to life. For instance, embroidered notes, umbrellas, and parasols are the perfect traditional or vintage props. See some ideas below.

  • Canvas
    Get creative on a blank canvas by incorporating embroidered burlap or cardstock with thank yous for rustic weddings. Going formal? Infuse a lasered wedding thank you note signed by you.
  • Banner
    Perfect for casual weddings! Splash a pop of colors and center-bold thank you, then print. For an industrial-chic theme, adhere your choice color of Mylar to the banner and snap way.
  • Chalkboard
    Chalkboard is a beautiful wedding thank you the idea for the vintage and minimalist wedding. Work expert calligraphy with chalks or paint saying thank you. Accompany these printed shots with mini wine bottles wedding favors.


Unique Thank-You Gift Ideas For Mom and Dad

The parents are with you every step of wedding planning. Honor them with these unique wedding thank you gift ideas.

  • Personalized ring dish
    Mom and dad have an evergreen love. Symbolize it by getting them a ceramic or custom porcelain ring dish. Engrave the dish with their initials, wedding date, or fun motifs.
  • Necklace with custom wording
    Give mama something to carry everywhere. A matching pair of half heart pendant necklaces with custom wording is perfect. Her wedding vows or affirmation quotes will do just fine.
  • First love frame
    Get an old loved-up picture of mom and dad, adhere a handwritten note to the bottom or side, and frame it. For a fanciful look, work the picture edges with a laser.
  • Custom tie with a thank you note
    A custom tie with dad’s initials discretely monogrammed is a heartfelt gift. Accompany this gift with a handwritten thank you wedding note in a well-packaged box.

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27 Heart-Warming Wedding Thank You Ideas

27 Heart-Warming Wedding Thank You Ideas

Incredible Wedding Thank You Ideas

Writing wedding thank you notes can be a breeze when you know what to do. Below are steps that will help get you organized regardless of your wedding theme.

  • Keep your stationery on theme
    choosing a wedding theme is one of the important first steps to planning a wedding. Hence, create cohesion by ordering the thank you cards with your invites. If you can’t, choose something that complements the theme.
  • Make it specific
    one great idea for wedding thank you notes is specificity. Avoid having your notes looking mass-produced by mentioning the exact gift, the giver, your excitement, and how you intend to use it. It shows that you have put effort.
  • Start right away
    start sending out cards immediately the gifts start coming in, even before the wedding. This will help you eliminate a backlog and overwhelm.
  • Create an Alternative Thank You Note
    If you’re not big on writing so many thank you notes, videos are the perfect alternatives. You would spend 90 seconds at most doing this and they’re suitable for almost every wedding. The beautiful part is that you can send them from anywhere with your destination as the backdrop. ThankView allows you to create custom videos complete with your choice of card style, envelopes, and music. There’s also space for your lovely up pictures. Share on your wedding website, emails, and social media, or invite guests to watch. Another app is the RedStampapp that allows you to send digital and paper cards to guests.


Cute Thank You Ideas For Guests

Beyond giving cards, go a step further by including budget-friendly favors that your guests will love. Find wedding thank you gift ideas below for inspiration.

  • Popcorn thank you idea
    The popcorn thank you wedding favor idea is perfect for casual and modern weddings. Bag it in custom bags that say all the nice things on your mind. Butter, chocolate, caramel, spicy, or rainbow popcorn are so attractive assortments.
  • Wooden birds design
    Wooden bird design is a thank you gift idea for a rustic and vintage wedding. It is a beautiful durable item that will make beautiful home décor and keepsake.
  • Minimalistic bags
    Minimalist bags are best suitable for simple, minimalist weddings with a touch of elegance. Choose a bag color from your palette and have your wedding date discretely engraved inside the bag for a custom feel.

Wedding Thank You Cards Ideas

After an occasion such as a wedding, it is only natural that you will want to thank your friends and loved ones for taking the time to travel and celebrate with you. For this task there are lots of wedding thank you ideas to make your show of gratitude special to every single recipient. Whether you might need wedding thank you card ideas or wedding thank you notes ideas, they still all fall under the same general etiquette for, wedding thank you card wording.

If you are thinking that this might be a daunting task, then fret not. We have put together a number of unique wedding thank you ideas that can help break things down and inspire you. Below are a number of tips on the different parts of wedding thank you card notes as well as the required etiquette for sending your thanks. Read on for that boost of inspiration.

How to Write a Wedding Thank You Card

Tips on writing

  • Have your Guest List on Hand
    Whether you already have your wedding thank you ideas wordings all written out or not, it is important to start out by having your guest list on hand. Have a spreadsheet of their names and addresses, possibly the same you used during the wedding planning. At this point though, the sheet should also include the gifts sent by each individual, when it was received, what was received, and any other detail you deem important. This will help you stay organized.
  • Work with a System
    Have a system at the back of your mind while you’re pondering your wedding thank you note ideas. Taking note of every gift as you open it is something that can be helpful in the end especially if you intend on personalizing your thank you messages. It is also a good idea to begin writing each note as you receive the gifts. That way you won’t be swamped quickly and every guest would be sure to receive your carefully worded thank you.
  • Work in Bits
    It is easy to feel overwhelmed or stressed with a task like writing wedding thank you cards. However, if you schedule an hour or two everyday to write a specific number of notes, this seemingly exhausting task would look achievable. Write your wedding thank you cards in batches and you will be done in no time at all.

Etiquette tips

  • Write the Notes by Hand
    Writing thank you notes by hand makes them more personal, and you always want thank yous to be personal. Avoid sending wedding thank you notes digitally as much as possible.
  • Remember to Write Every Name from the Gifts
    Do not omit any name from the gifts when you are sending thank you notes. When considering thank you cards wedding ideas not to forget, this should be top on the list. If the gifts were sent by a couple or a family, write each name in your thank yous.
  • Send out the Cards Promptly
    It is also important to mail out your thank you cards as soon as possible. So, a week after the wedding would be very appropriate. Even if you decide to send them in batches, sooner is always better than later.

Wedding thank you card wording ideas

1. Thank You Note Wording for Registry Gift

Dear [names],
Thank you so much for the air fryer. We’ve been looking forward to trying out a lot of recipes with it and we look forward to cooking up a storm soon and inviting you to dinner.
Thank you again for all your love and your time.
All the best,
[Your names]

2. Thank You Wording for Cash Gift

Dear [names],
We are ever so grateful for your gift. The money will go a long way in helping us redecorating our new space. We were so happy to celebrate our special day in your company and we hope to have many such fun days together in the future. You will always be in our hearts.
Much love,
[Your names]

3. Thank-You Card Wording for a Non-Registry Gift

Dear [guest name],
Thank you so much for your generous gift. We were so surprised and happy to receive such a gorgeous bathroom set. Your generosity will be remembered every time we use it. We look forward to celebrating again with you as you have so lovingly with us.
All the best,
[Your names]

You won’t need to look too far for unique wedding thank you card ideas. If your wedding is over and you are in doubt of his to proceed and need some wedding thank you ideas, look through our tips and thoughtful ideas for some much-needed inspiration. Writing your wedding thank yous will become much easier with the right ideas to guide you.

Appreciating your wedding guests is one step to maintaining lifelong relationships. Your notes or gifts do not have to cost so much because it is the intent that matters. However, there is no limit to how creative you can get with cards, notes, props, favors, and items. We’ve created a catalog of budget and theme-friendly wedding thank you ideas to inspire you.