What Grooms Should Know About Wedding Planning


There are lots of things grooms should know about wedding planning, but if your groom is like most guys, it probably goes right over their head. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Just let him read this and he’ll know everything he needs to know about planning your big day.


1. Paying Attention Is Essential

Even if you’re not really interested in flowers and cake and different types of lace, your bride-to-be most certainly is! It’s important that, as a groom, you pay attention to what’s going on in the planning stages. Not only will your future wife appreciate your attentiveness, you’re less likely to be that groom that shows up in the wrong church on your wedding day.


2. There Will Be Times When You’re Always Wrong

One thing you should definitely know about wedding planning is that it’s stressful.  There can be a lot of pressure on your bride as she tries to create the perfect ceremony and some days, everything you say or do or think will probably be wrong.  Don’t worry; eventually, things will level out. However, keep in mind that just throwing up your hands and asking “Who cares?” isn’t the way to get on your bride’s good side. Try to understand that, for her, everything is a big deal right now.


3. Sometimes, She’ll Be Wrong, Too

Many brides fall into the trap of believing that the wedding day isn’t very important to their groom. The more you know about wedding planning, though, the easier it will be for you to speak up when an idea isn’t to your liking. Remember, it’s your big day, too.  You certainly have the right to tell her you won’t be doing a flash mob at the reception (even though she may protest…a lot).


4. Grooms Can Blog, Too

There are about a million wedding blogs out there that are written from the perspective of the bride. Wedding blogs by grooms are far less common, though. If you feel the desire, don’t hesitate to blog about your experiences leading up to your big day. You might be surprised at the response you get!


5. Don’t Forget Why You’re Getting Married

One of the most important things to remember is why you are getting married: you love each other. There should always be time for the two of you that doesn’t involve wedding plans. Make a point to go out together and recapture the romance between you.

6. Make Use Of Your Friends

You and she both have lots of friends who want to help make your wedding day special. Something else you should know about wedding planning is that you can use all the help you can get. Everything will be a lot more fun if you have a few friends tagging along, too.

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