If you are planning on losing a few pounds before your big day, know that you’re not alone – an estimated seventy percent of brides report wanting to lose weight for the wedding events. These weight loss goals, at an average of twenty pounds per bride, can be great motivation to increase fitness and self-esteem, but can also lead to hazardous crash dieting or dangerous eating and exercise habits that can be ineffective at best and truly harmful to a bride’s health a worst.

For shedding weight safely and effectively, follow these important guidelines to fitness that can help you not only look good for the wedding, but that can keep you looking great and feeling fit for many anniversaries to come.

1. Drink Lots of Water

Proper hydration is necessary for turning food and stored fat into the energy that you need, and can also have positive effects on your physical appearance and mental health.If you’re looking to lose weight for the wedding time, drinking at between half an ounce and a full ounce of water per day for every pound that you weigh will help suppress your appetite, increase your metabolism, and keep you on the path to fitness.


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