The average wedding costs around thirty thousand dollars, and if you want to spend less than that, you may need to be a little more creative when it comes to your budget. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on mass-produced invitations, consider creating your own cute and custom DIY wedding invitations and thank-you cards with the help of a professional printer or your own two hands to save on costs and up the cool factor.

1. Photo Booth Strips

For these invitations, you can either travel to an actual photo booth or have some cute photos taken in a photo booth style. Then, print out or copy your strips, and use these to form the base of your invitations. You can paste the strips directly onto card stock, or punch holes in them and stack them with other papers or vellum to create one-of-a-kind DIY wedding invitations that show off you and your fiancee in the best way.

2. Invitation Puzzles

If you think your guests are up for the challenge, why not get a little creative and create a puzzle with your invitations? Cut the invite into strips and tuck it in a jar or glass ornament, or print your invitation on jigsaw puzzles and send out the pieces to your friends and family.

3. Simple Iconography

To add a more classy touch to your DIY wedding invitations, try simply cutting out the shape of bride and groom accessories, such as a bow tie and pearl necklace, and pasting them onto card stock with the simple words “bride” and “groom” penned below them. You can also use simple black-and-white imagery on colored cardstock to represent the season of your wedding, or the dress code and theme.

4. Photo Envelopes

Won’t your guests be surprised when they open an envelope only to find that you and your fiancee are tucked inside! Cut printouts of your favorite photo into the shape of the envelope and fold them in with your invitations for a fun, personal touch.

5. A Personal Touch

Creating fingerprint hearts on your DIY wedding invitations can be a cute and sincere way to show your union without getting too mushy. You can find some card stock and a pad of ink at your local craft store and can print your messages on the inside of a blank card after adding your literal personal touch.

6. Garland Invitations

While these types of invitations can be more labor-intensive, they are certainly worth the effort, if you have the time to give! Cut images of you and your fiancee into identical circles, and glue each photo onto another circle containing printed information about the wedding. You can either punch holes in the circles or sandwich a piece of ribbon between the circles while you glue to link the pairs of circles together, forming a chain of wonderful photos and helpful information. You can stack up these circles and send them out in decorative tins or in envelopes.

The Best (and Worst) About DIY Wedding Invitations

One of the most important parts of planning your wedding is choosing your wedding invitations.  Not only do they provide an initial introduction to the theme and style of your wedding, they’re also the things that notify your guests so they can come celebrate your day with you. If you’re planning on DIY wedding invitations, it’s important to be very careful and ensure that your wedding invitations are done well; a good invitation will catch the attention of your guests and draw them in, making them eager to attend when you tie the knot. Here are some key things to keep in mind when you’re deciding whether or not to do DIY wedding invitations.

1. First, The Good Stuff

Everything in your wedding seems to cost at least three times what you expected it to cost. One great way to save money is to take the time and make DIY wedding invitations. There are lots of great options for making your perfect DIY wedding invitations and it’ll help to keep your budget somewhat intact. Spending less on invitations means more that can be spent on the cake, reception, flowers or other wedding essentials.

DIY wedding invitations can be created by hand, or there are special software programs that let you create your own invitations from the ground up. You get to pick the font, layout, colors and other options to make exactly the right invitation for your needs. Many DIY wedding invitations let you explore various themes and ideas before making any decisions, saving you money and ensuring that your wedding invitations are exactly right.

DIY wedding invitations are a unique way to give vent to your emotions and relieve stress during the planning stages of the wedding. When you create your own invitations, you can rest assured they are done correctly and to your exacting standards. You can ensure that they truly reflect your style.

2. Now, the Downside

DIY wedding invitations can take a massive amount of time, especially if you are a perfectionist who won’t ever be quite happy with what you’ve created. By taking on the task of DIY wedding invitations, you may be taking time away from other areas which need your attention. If you’re already responsible for planning everything and don’t have a lot of help, DIY wedding invitations may not be the best way to go.

You might start to create your invitations and suddenly go blank. It can be very difficult to come up with ideas, especially when you’re under pressure to do so. If you’re not naturally creative or you don’t have a lot of patience, it’s probably a better idea to use ordered invitations. There is no shame in not having the right temperament for DIY wedding invitations; just don’t fool yourself into thinking it’ll all be a lot of fun when it might just be a real wedding nightmare.