Most bridesmaids are eager to be asked to accompany their friend, the bride on their special day. This is a common gesture that is shared among friends but there are some occasions where the bride seems to forget that the bridesmaid is actually doing her a favor. One of the most common is the crazy questions that brides can sometimes ask their bridesmaids. Here are a few of those questions and how you can prepare for them before they are asked.

1. The Hair

Question 1:“You are getting your hair done before the wedding, right?”

Answer:Maybe so or Maybe not!

Scenario:Bride wants the bridesmaid to change the color of her hair and take a few inches off before the wedding day. The bridesmaid should be honest and tell her either (1) I like my hair the way it is or (2) I simply can’t afford those services right now with everything else I’m spending for the wedding.


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