Fall wedding cakes with fruits and golden leaves make a connection with autumn season. Last berries and flowers talks us about ending of this beautiful time of the year. Pumpkin decoration is really a nice idea to bring orange color in your wedding theme.

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Photo 1-6: Autumn Colours

Source: Claire Marika photography, Sweet Art Bake Shop, viva la cake via Instagram
Source: The Pastry Studio, Urban Safari photography, Ned Jackson

Photo 7-12: Decoration With Seasonal Produce

Source: Erin Shepley via Instagram, Rose Campbell via Instagram, Jennifer Oliphant photographe
Source: Urban_sucre_cakery via Instagram, Paula O’Hara, onelove

Photo 13-18: Pumpkin Fall Wedding Cakes

Source: Bethel Bakery, Cake Central, Missy & Kristen via Instagram
Source: Jen’s Cakes, Bolos Farinho via Facebook, Veenas Art of Cakes

Photo 19-24: Decoration With Sunflowers

Source: Cake Central, Cake Central, Addison Jones photography
Source: Oakleaf Cakes Bake Shop via Instagram, postscripts via Etsy, Tara Welch Photography

Photo 25-30: Leaves & Bark

Source: Artistic Desserts, Echo Media photography, Erica OBrien
Source: Carrie Patterson, Chelsea Patricia