If you’re staring at your wedding budget and wondering how you’ll ever reconcile your dream wedding with the number on the page, take heart! You’ve been planning your dream wedding since you were just a little girl, so don’t skimp and cut corners; try these handy tips for having your dream wedding on your (admittedly small) budget.

1. Be Clear On The Must-Haves

Decide which parts of your dream wedding you’re absolutely not willing to change. These are your “must-haves” and should be put into your budget before anything else. If you want 200 guests and aren’t willing to compromise on that number, you might decide to cut down on the flowers for the wedding in order to make room in the budget for the guest list. Deciding what’s important will also clue you in to things that aren’t so important; feel free to strike these from your list of wedding stuff and put that money toward other things you actually want.


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