Still looking for an unique wedding-cake? Want to impress all your guests? Are you a creative person with not ordinary taste? If your answer “yes”, we have some incredible ideas for such non-usual wedding cakes as stained-glass cakes.

Choose cake with lush poppies or prefer strong geometric shapes. Make your cake absolutely white with stained-glass parts or cover it all with colorful mosaic. No matter what choice you will do, the stained-glass cake will be fantastic. Each tier of this cake is painstakingly painted by hand to resemble the intricate and colorful glass panes and the result is truly a work of art.


Photo 1-3: Cute Two-Tier Stained-Glass Cake

Source: Maggie Austin, Queen of Hearts Couture CakesMaggie Austin

Photo 4-6: Beautiful Green Stained-Glass Cake

Source:  Art of Cakes Bakery, KIM TEO via Instagram, Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes

Photo 7-9: Stained Glass Wedding Cakes With Flowers

Source: Rosalind Miller Cakes, Heather LeeRosalind Miller Cakes

Photo 10-12: Elegant Wedding Cake With Stained-Glass Décor

Source: Gideon Photo, Maggie Austin, Cat Campbell via Instagram

Photo 13-15: Square Stained-Glass Cake For Wedding

Source: jasmineraecakes via Instagram, Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes, Sweet Cakes by Karen

Photo 16-18: Glass Mosaic On Wedding Cake

Source: Maggie Austin, Valerie Pradhan, monanniecakes via Instagram

Photo 19-21: Charming Wedding Cake With Blue Stained-Glass

Source: Tortik Annushka, Sarah’s Stands Cakes, Jacki Fanto via Instagram

Photo 22-24: Stained-Glass Geometric Shapes On Wedding Cake

Source: Anushé Low Photography, Tortik AnnushkaTortik Annushka

Photo 25-27: Wedding Cake With White Stained-Glass

Source: silviacaballerocakes via Instagram, Cat Campbell via Instagramfainazmilhancakes via Instagram

Photo 28-30: Stained-Glass Poppies On A Cake

Source: The Mischief Maker, Photographer Anushé, Cakes! by Ying via Facebook

Main photo: Sweet Style