How to Avoid High Wedding Cake Prices

How To Avoid High Wedding Cake Prices


Your wedding cake should be everything you dreamed it would be; ribbons of icing, delicate sugar blooms – the symbol of the beginning of your life together. Unfortunately, the increase in wedding cake prices offers a large obstacle for having the cake of your dreams. Whether you’re in a high-cost area like New York or Los Angeles or prices where you live are more moderate, it’s important to get the cake you want while staying within your budget.

1. Considering Costs

Whether you want to follow tradition or the latest trends (like dessert tables – they’re hugely popular right now), getting the cake you want can be trying. Wedding cake prices are largely determined by how much work they take to create, rather than by the ingredients they contain. If your cake has to be painstakingly constructed, iced and intricately detailed, it’s going to cost much more than a cake requiring less time and energy.

Wedding cake prices are determined on a per-slice basis. Remember, some of your guests won’t be having a slice of cake, for various reasons, and you need to adjust the size of your cake accordingly. If your guest list is running at about 150 attendees, plan for a cake that will be appropriate for 125, instead.


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