Avoiding 6 Common Honeymoon Mistakes


There are lots of chances for making mistakes while you’re planning your wedding. Unfortunately, the same can be said of planning your honeymoon. Some honeymoon mistakes are a lot worse than others, but many of them are fairly easy to avoid.  Here are some tips for avoiding common honeymoon mistakes.


1. Check Your Reservations…A Few Times

Don’t forget to check your reservations to make sure there aren’t any problems that have cropped up and gotten lost in the hullaballoo of planning the wedding. Just because you’ve made the reservation and it’s been confirmed, that doesn’t mean all is going to be well when you try to check in. A day or two before the wedding, take a few minutes to confirm all of your reservations. If there are problems, check those reservations one more time before leaving for your honeymoon.


2. Remember To Pack Essentials

If you’re going to a resort location, don’t forget to pack the essential personal care items you’ll need, because those items will be very expensive at your destination. This is especially true of sunscreen, which is very important for any beach-based honeymoon. When you’re packing potentially messy personal care items, remember to isolate them away from your clothing, using zippered storage bags or something similar.


3. Read Those Reviews BEFORE Booking

One of the most common honeymoon mistakes is neglecting to read reviews of the locations you’re considering. When you’re looking through brochures or on websites, keep in mind that those are produced by the establishment and may not reflect the actual conditions. Read review sites to make informed travel decisions, and don’t be surprised by less-than-ideal locations.


4. Last-Minute Luggage Check

When you’re packing for your honeymoon, you’re probably thinking about a million other things at the same time. Before you head out on your wonderful honeymoon, do last-minute luggage checks to ensure you have everything you need. It’s easy to forget things when you’re trying to accomplish a lot at once, so checking to make sure you’ve got medications and other necessities is very important.


5. Plan For Emergencies

While getting away to a new place may sound like a dream come true, it can turn into a nightmare if you suddenly find yourself with an emergency and no idea where you can find help. Honeymoon mistakes like this can spell disaster for your wonderful time, so take a few minutes to get oriented as to the emergency services available at your destination.

6. Don’t Skip It

If you’re making common honeymoon mistakes, make sure that, at least, you’re not making this one. If you’re thinking of staying home and skipping your honeymoon, remember that it’s an important time for you to bond as a newlywed with your partner. Even if you can’t afford some extravagant week-long getaway, at least schedule a night or two in a nice hotel nearby and spend some exclusive time enjoying your new spouse.