11 Chic Christmas Wedding Ideas For Your Fairy Tale

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Many brides want their weddings to be all about them. They avoid competing with special occasions like Christmas. But, when you consider all of the benefits of a Christmas wedding you may quickly change your mind. Here are some amazing Christmas wedding ideas that are sure to help you create an unforgettable wedding.

Brides Often Ask

Is December a good month for a wedding?

Yes and No. Although December is a wedding off-season, many venues are booked for office holiday parties. It’s also too cold to consider an outdoor wedding, so you’ll have to plan ahead. However, your guests will not be bothered by wedding fatigue and wedding vendors are more likely to offer a discount at this time of year.

Are Christmas weddings a good idea?

Absolutely! Your friends and family are already in the mood to celebrate and the savings simply can’t be ignored. There’s also the added benefit of being the time of year that offers endless possibilities when it comes to food, decor, and photos.

Can you get married on Christmas Day?

Yes, you can but, as previously mentioned, you’ll have to plan ahead. Most officiants will be busy with holiday sermons. Also, your guests are highly likely to prefer to spend the day with their families. Christmas eve and Christmas day are not recommended ceremony days.


Pros And Cons Of Christmas Wedding

There are many strong benefits to think about when considering a Christmas wedding. Some of these make wedding planning much easier. There are also some important downsides to consider before you commit to the idea.


  • Time with family
    Friends and family are already planning on traveling and taking time off of work this time of year. You’ll know for sure that your friends and family won’t be inconvenienced in their life/work schedules and that they’ll be in the mood to celebrate.
  • Honeymoon Vacation
    It’s nice to get out of town any time of year. With the cold wind and snow in the forecast, a sandy beach is exponentially more attractive. This is the perfect time of year for honeymooners to soak up the sun.
  • Season theme and decor
    Christmas offers a free pass from decorating stress with built-in themes and decor. Chances are that you already have most of the decorations in hand and will only require a minimal budget to transform it into something that’s uniquely your own.


  • Christmas Clichés
    Red and green color combos, Christmas carols, Santa and reindeer decorations are all likely to compete with your Christmas wedding decoration ideas and vision.
  • Weather
    It’s cold outside, and in many parts of the country, you can count on snow. This makes driving to the venue difficult and outdoor venues impossible. Major storms could even force you to cancel the big event.
  • Guest Absences
    The weather alone could be enough reason for some guests to opt-out at the last minute. Add the fact that many invitations will not get RSVPs due to family and business commitments and you could find yourself with a nearly-empty banquet hall.
  • Holiday Expenses
    Both you and your guests have broken the bank on Christmas presents and extravagant meals. Coming up with a wedding gift budget is more difficult than at other times of the year.


Christmas Wedding Ideas On A Budget

We encourage you to repurpose the Christmas decorations that you already have so that you can save some money. However, you don’t want your guests mistaking your invitations for a Christmas card or thinking that your reception is a standard Christmas party.

Wedding Stationery

Your stationery and other Christmas wedding invitation ideas should heavily borrow from standard Christmas design themes. However, they should also stand out in a way that makes things clear for your guests.

Don’t afraid of Green and Red. But remember, you could complement the season with earth tones, metallic accents, and winter blues on your invitations, save the dates, menus, and place cards. Also, make sure to select papers and textures that are atypical to the season. The goal is to make your stationery stand out enough for your guests to take immediate notice.

This treatment will borrow from what we all expect from Christmas aesthetics, which is a good thing but will also introduce your personal wedding style.


Christmas Wedding Decorations Ideas

Christmas is filled with icons, symbols, scents, and colors that we’ve all come to adore. Instead of starting from scratch, leverage the beauty that’s at your disposal for your Christmas wedding decorations ideas.


Wedding Aisle

The wedding aisle is more important than you think. It’s your gateway to “I do”. Make use of traditional Christmas decor by incorporating snow-covered trees, wreaths, mistletoe, tree ornaments, and other adored Christmas traditions. Don’t forget about the familiar ribbons and bows.

If you are getting married in a church, you’re in luck! Christmas is a deeply Christian experience. Since marriage is one of the 7 Christian sacraments, feel free to let loose with religious icons and symbols when decorating your aisle in a church.



Wedding reception

Decorating your reception space is possibly the most fun part of planning a wedding. You get to create a party space based entirely on your wants and desires! For your Christmas wedding reception ideas, consider bringing the outside in.

Douse your space in naked pines, evergreens, and synthetic snow. Consider veering away from an entirely Christmas theme and create points of interest with cold-blue lighting and lots of transparent glass and sheer fabrics.

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Table décor

The first thing to do when deciding table decor is to choose between clean or ornate. Busy tables are full of excitement and provide your guests with lots of interest. Clean tables provide guests with lots of room to pass the plate and encourage them to talk and hit the dance floor.

Either way, your Christmas wedding centerpiece ideas should include white linens so that your colors stand out. Cinnamon and mint candles are highly recommended to set the mood. Scents like these ring up a good appetite and look amazing sparkling off your glassware.



Wedding Favors Ideas

Wedding favors are fun this time of year. Consider combining festive gifts combined with traditional wedding gifts. Something simple like an ornament etched with your wedding date will be a welcome addition to your guests’ wedding trees.

Christmas wedding ideas on a budget don’t have to look cheap. Try your hand at premium DIY projects like handmade jams with seasonal spice, handcrafted candles, snow globes, baked goods, and late-season wines are all terrific ideas to celebrate your nuptials while acknowledging the season.

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Christmas Menu Ideas

Dining is made easy with a Christmas wedding. The best way to go about this is to re-create your family’s normal Christmas menu with a few romantic upgrades.



Festive Cocktails

Eggnog and wine are the typical Christmas cocktails to look forward to. Issue an upgrade by offering signature cocktails like Love Potion #9, Merry Mule, or something featuring cranberries.

We recommend avoiding the eggnog. It doesn’t keep well, and doesn’t smell good. It isn’t easily digested by some of your guests.


Christmas cookies

Not only do Christmas cookies taste great, but they also look great too! Cut out your favorite Christmas shapes and decorate your eating areas by stacking and arranging them in artistic ways. This will create a festive focal point that your guests can snack on throughout the night.

It’s also a fun idea to write your wedding details in icing. Choose a shape like a snowman or a tree ornament for a tasty treat that looks great in photographs and worth keeping as a memento.



Snacks ideas

Cookie pops, chocolate covered pretzels, and gingerbread men are all Christmas time favorites. Include these snacks at your reception, but don’t forget some healthy alternatives. Consider fruits stacked into a snowman or Santa shape, celery sticks stuffed with peanut butter in the shape of reindeer, and a good old charcuterie board.

When you can’t shape your food into Christmas characters, you can always turn to the dish they are served on. Choose plates that display a Christmas design to pull the whole theme together.


Wedding Cake Ideas

We recommend choosing a classic 3-tier wedding cake with simple white frosting for your Christmas wedding cake ideas. Adorn your tiers with pinecones, cranberries, and mistletoe to transform the cake into a Christmas time delight.

If you want to go the extra Christmas mile, don’t be shy about adding some greens or reds to your cake. Red velvet is a fan favorite when it comes to taste. It also looks great on its own and will immediately adhere to your Christmas wedding theme.

Although Christmas weddings have their flaws, they are still a good idea. Avoid some of the frustrations by communicating with your guests early. Giving them 10 months’ notice or more ensures that they’ll have ample time to arrange their schedules and holiday budgets. With this bit out of the way, you can relax and focus on the fun parts.