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36 Must-See Flower Girl Photos


When people think about the wedding, they think bride, bridesmaids, but let’s don’t forget about little princess – flower girl. She is adorable bride-in-training with a lot of inspiration and joy. Include a couple of such photos in your checklist and we promise these shots will give you a lot of fun!


Photo 1-6: Little Sweetie – Flower Girl

Source: Virgil Bunao Fine Art Wedding, Virgil Bunao Fine Art Wedding, Tina Jay Photography

Source: alorasafari via Instagram, Gia Canali, Brian Rappold Photography


Photo 7-12: With The Bride

Source: Jana Williams, Elizabeth Medina, Acqua photo

Source: Hello blue photo, SaidMhamadPhotography, Jonnie + Garrett


Photo 13-18: Adorable Couple

Source: Augustin-Fayolle Stephanie, ClickawayphotoRachelaclingen via Instagram

Source: Fattiepiedresses via instagramLaurenandchrisseibel, Katephoto


Photo 19-24: With Bridesmaids

Source: Marystrausphotography, Blushing Bride Photography, Deidre Ruth Photography

Source: barijayfashions via Instagram, Juliebulanov via instagramReal Photo SD