Honeymoon Essentials Packing Guide


Wherever you’re headed on your honeymoon, you should always remember to pack the essentials. Some of these things can be found at your destination, and some can’t; some of them you’ll be completely lost without. If you forget some of these things, it could greatly impact your enjoyment of your honeymoon, so make a list and check each item off, if you have to. Here are some honeymoon essentials you should be sure not to forget.

1. Trip Tickets, Passports & Money

Whether you’re heading off on a fabulous cruise or flying away to an exotic locale, you’ve got to have the tickets for going on your trip. If you’re traveling out of the country, you’ll need your passport, too. You’re going to need some way to pay for all of the incidentals on your honeymoon, so one of the most indispensable honeymoon essentials is a credit card or two, some traveler’s checks or other methods of payment. It is not recommended that you travel with cash as it can be easily lost or stolen and is irreplaceable.


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