How To Have An Elegant But Laid Back Wedding


Making your wedding the perfect mix of elegant and easygoing doesn’t have to be difficult.  Throwing a bash that’s both fun and unique is as easy as following these great tips. From decor to cuisine, a perfectly balanced elegant and easygoing wedding is the perfect way to celebrate your nuptials and the beginning of your married life.


1. Choosing The Perfect Venue

It’s important to choose a venue that is neither too fancy nor too laid back. The right venue will allow you to mix the elements of elegance and casual good taste. Good choices for the perfect elegant and easygoing wedding include vineyards, barns, outdoor locations (botanical gardens are really exceptional) or historic buildings. Because these wonderful locations are very desirable, you should make sure to explore your options and book as far in advance as possible to get your desired date.


2. Picking The Perfect Palette

Once you’ve decided on the perfect venue for your easygoing wedding, choose your color palette with equal care. Neutral tones and pastel colors can give your wedding an elegant feeling, and utilizing natural colors can be especially effective if you’ve chosen an outdoor venue. Be sure to include a color that pops to offset your more neutral colors; sunshine yellow, sky blue or rose red can really enhance your more neutral tones and save your easygoing wedding from feeling too formal.


3. Sending The Perfect Invite

Your easygoing wedding will get a kick of elegance with the perfect invite. Modern monograms or sketches of your venue (if appropriate) can impart an air of elegance and class, and using a specific motif throughout your wedding can provide a nice way to tie everything together.

If you’re sending save the date cards, you can let your personality shine a bit. Use fun calligraphy and language to alert the guests of your big day and the fun you’re planning to have. Dress things up a little touch of bold color, metallic accents, and other luxury touches will give your wedding stationery a fun, yet elegant, feel.


4. Selecting The Perfect Wedding Wear

An easygoing wedding doesn’t require a big fluffy dress.  Instead, try out options that are both simple and elegant. A sheath is both elegant and easy to wear, while other simple designs offer ease of wear, elegant style, and outstanding comfort. Your groom can go simple, too, with a nice suit, rather than a tux. Complement your choices with elegant accents to increase the wow factor, and have a great easygoing wedding, without the huge (and expensive) dress.


5. Creating The Perfect Floral Arrangements

Flowers are easily the most adaptable part of your wedding.  Instead of choosing specific blooms or colors, choose from the flowers that are in season. Don’t be afraid of the flowers that sport very large blossoms, as these can give your wedding a more easygoing feel.  The texture is very important when choosing your wedding flowers, so if you’re going to be having your wedding outdoors, make sure you choose flowers that won’t wilt without a climate-controlled environment.

6. Imparting The Perfect Ambiance

Lighting is one of the most overlooked ways to create the perfect balance between an elegant and easygoing wedding. Good lighting is extremely important for outdoor venues (especially if you’ll be outside after the sun sets), so consider candles, market lights and lanterns to create the perfect ambiance for your big day.


7. Kicking off the Perfect Party

For a perfect easygoing wedding with a great balance of elegance, it’s imperative that you have the perfect party for your reception; it should combine casual elements with elegant touches.  You can create a party that really stands out by hiring a band that plays nontraditional music, such as funk, swing or bluegrass. Combine the band with a DJ for dancing for outstanding entertainment. Instead of more traditional options like a photo booth, hire a caricature artist and provide inexpensive photo frames as a wedding favor.

8. Having Your Perfect Wedding

No matter which elegant touches you decide to add to your wedding, you have the opportunity to create a day that is uniquely yours. With the right venue, colors, flowers and more, your big day can be something out of a fairy tale, or completely of your own creation.