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32 Beautiful Marriage Wishes For Each Taste


Marriage greetings are not just a few simple words, they must comply with the norms. Thus, marriage wishes should be unforgettable, beautiful, bright, impressive, just like traditional wedding vows for marriage. And to achieve this result, congratulations must be planned in advance.

So, for this very reason, we’ve put together 32 different marriage wishes to congratulate your lovely couple. You just go through them and find your inspirational example!

How To Frame Your Best Marriage Wish

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Generally speaking, marriage wishes pronounced by guests should be tactful, slightly romantic, kind, and, of course, sincere. And there are many ways to deliver your wedding wishes to the bride and groom. For instance, you can say marriage wishes aloud during the toast or write down on a postcard. In addition, you can word them yourself or just borrow the best samples.

In fact, those guests who give the most cordial wishes to the newlyweds are best remembered at the wedding. And, no doubt, you want to be that highlight one!

Different Ways To Deliver Marriage Wishes

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First of all, you have to apply all your creativity when congratulating the newlyweds. And there are many forms and ways to do this in an original way and here are a few of them.


You can make a poetic introduction to the gift, turning the process of delivery into a fun idea. Perhaps, this issue should also be discussed with the host at the wedding.

Video and interview

Also, you can congratulate the newlyweds by showing them an interesting self-made movie. You can go the easiest way and collect old videos by assembling them together, and also you can make your own movie.

Slides and photocollages

Choose the funniest pictures and make funny slides. For each slide, you can come up with funny signatures, pick up funny music. And the more creative you go to this issue, the funnier it will be.

Television announcer

In fact, the bride and groom receive a lot of postcards, telegrams or letters from relatives and friends who could not come. To make it more interesting to read them, let the person with a good sense of humor do this.

For this, you have to organize a “workplace” in the form of a TV news style. You can use a frame for pictures or just cut it out of cardboard. Bow tie, set diction, glasses – that’s the whole arsenal.

Circus number

An amusing congratulation will be rehearsed by own forces skits. Here you just need a sense of humor, and not just the ability to sit on the twine or do somersaults. Then collect the team and come up with the number together. Here the main thing is to take care of makeup, so that you will not be recognized at first sight.

Festive fireworks or laser show

It will be great if you pick up funny shots that would resonate with the subjects of dating or tying the relationship of the newlyweds. You can write a love story, someone will tell it with a microphone, and then guests can congratulate the newlyweds all together, showering them with rose petals.

Formal Marriage Wishes

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In general, simple and short congratulations are very easy to learn and not difficult to pronounce. Therefore, if you experience discomfort in public speaking, we suggest choosing one of these simple marriage quotes for her and him.

«On the day of the wedding, I would like to wish the newlyweds always to be in love with each other, tender and faithful, ready to help and support their soul mate in any situation. That the family life was filled with smiles, children’s laughter, fun and pleasant surprises!»

«Dear newlyweds, I congratulate you on your wedding day. Lovely, I wish you tenderness of feelings and eternity of love, endless happiness, and reliable well-being. Let your life be wonderful and beautiful, let your family become the strongest and most wonderful, let your house with every day is filled with comfort and good.»

«I congratulate you on your wedding day! Let there be many happy days ahead, let your faith in each other never lose its power, let your hearts constantly sing the song of love with high notes and in a playful style!»

«To young family I wish peaceful everyday life and stormy weekends, reliable relationships and fiery kisses, charming children and thick wallets, delight and fidelity, sweet smiles and trembling mutual feelings, complete mutual understanding and all-consuming harmony. You are worth it, definitely!»

«A wonderful day is your wedding, I sincerely congratulate you and wish you long years of living together in peace and harmony, love and reverence, health and well-being. Be patient, and always respect each other’s choices in life, make important decisions together and always find a compromise in any matter.»

Casual Ways To Congratulate With Marriage

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These greetings are universal and will suit everyone regardless of the role at the wedding.

«You are such an amazing couple. Holding hands on this day, I wish you would not let them go to the end of your life, and after many years remembered how it all began. You have chosen a common road and have promised to be together no matter what. My wish – do not forget about the emotions experienced today, let them be with you in sorrow and joy. Love each other, think about your half, because you have become one, and this is much more important than minor troubles and stupid quarrels, which you will certainly solve together.»

«I wish you, the newlyweds, prosperity in your family life. Let your union be strong and beautiful for many, many years, which you will divide into two. I wish you happiness, wonderful children, wealth in the house and, most importantly, trust and mutual understanding!»

«From this day you will be called not bride and groom but husband and wife! So, my dear new family, I congratulate you on your legal marriage. I will not tell you that each of you now has duties to each other. I wish you one thing – that at sunset together lived years, sitting in an embrace and looking as gently as today to each other’s eyes, you said: “And you know, life was a success.»

«I congratulate you, wonderful young people with the birth of a new, happy and successful family! You are very lucky to meet each other, and I do not know couples better! Live together, cheerfully, playfully, keep a sense of beauty and harmony in your wonderful family! I wish you, health, luck, wisdom and patience. And let your love boat shed a long, exciting and interesting way. Appreciate each other and what you have, and let your family grow and develop! Be happy!»

«Dear our newlyweds! Let me congratulate you on your lawful marriage! And wish you sincerely love, respect, appreciate and cherish each other. Let your family grow and multiply. Keep loyalty, strengthen your feelings, save money. Enjoy your life, great happiness and long years together!»

Amusing Marriage Congratulations

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Small short humorous congratulations for the wedding will ease the exciting atmosphere and allow the newlyweds to smile sincerely.

«Congratulations! The wedding day is not only marriage, but also the beginning of the development of new professions. The builder of a cozy nest, the cook of a healthy and tasty concoction, the supply of a well-equipped life, a psychologist with the necessary compromises and the most important vacancy – the parents of mischievous kids!»

«Today, a hurricane of love has spun your pair, forever bringing you into one family. So let this hurricane carry you through life, pushing towards the happy wind, raising to the top of success, enveloping the mysterious fog of romance and filling the hearts with joy!»

«Congratulations to a young couple with such a successful start of a joint life. I wish that the road to the finish was incredibly long, exciting, full of pleasant surprises, good people and memorable events. And let it be bumps and sharp bends. The main thing is to easily pass them, holding hands»

«Our incomparable newlyweds! Congratulations on your marriage! We wish that your feelings never cool down. Understand each other with half-vision, anticipate the most incredible desires and let the beginning of each day start from coffee in bed!»

«Lovely newlyweds! On the day of the wedding, we congratulate you and remind you of the holy duty of every person, namely, to build a house, plant a tree and raise a son. We wish you to exceed this plan. Let the number of houses, trees, sons and daughters be the way you want!»

Religious Wishes On Marriage Day

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Christian traditions are firmly held in society. Therefore, for the wedding, you need to say congratulations that correspond to this direction.

«Oh, Lord, Jesus, bless. Their every step and every moment. In the name of truth and holy love. To You only for glory. And I want to wish them. Let their hearts not touch their hearts. So that everyone who knows them could say: «truly a Christian family»

«Live so that people read you in you the letter of Christ to those who live on earth, that the name of God is not blamed, but it was famous in sickness and in labor»

«The Lord Himself blessed you! Now – you are one flesh! The way for two now is one. Live amicably to gray hair.»

«We are glad that you found each other. The Lord has given you love and grace. God created you for each other, so you could praise Him. So may God of love, Our Lord Jesus forever bless your marvelous union, let your forever connect your hearts, and you are reminded about this by two rings!»

«Let the commandments of God give the family support! Let there be peace and harmony in the house, things strive to go uphill. Let the appearance of children give joy, happiness. Let virtue and love adorn the present!»

Congratulations To Marriage For A Family Member

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It is important for newly married couples to receive from all relatives sincere wishes for good, prosperity, and happiness for their family.

Relatives of a couple can choose one of these congratulations:

«Dear our children! Well, and joy! Finally, you got married! And your souls and hearts are united into one, For a long time you walked like free birds. Can you be overcome by some kind of fear? Do not worry, family life is cool! Coffee, cappuccino, tea, to bed in the morning. Which of you will be the head – sort it out!»

«What a delight, family life! Congratulations! All the embellishments are waiting for you ahead. In a minute, the bridegroom will turn into a husband. Yes, and the bride, too, slightly transformed! Now you are one whole! There is no road back! You have to endure each other for many years. Well, what to do? Late, my friend, toss! We offer a family life, to surrender voluntarily!»

«Happy Wedding Day! Great layout! I’m happy with your choice of everyone. The bride – well done! Not at all, when she chose the husband! And the groom does not miss, I grabbed the beauty, I wish him that there would be enough strength for love, because not only to marry. We need to often not love being lazy!»

«The wedding is noisy, people are having fun, the wine is pouring down the river, to whom by, to whom in the mouth. Dancing, competitions, snacks, chic banquet. Congratulations! We wish newlyweds for many years! Let this date be celebrated every year, let in your family love lives forever, let them feel cheerful and young, and let the girlfriend, fidelity be next to them!»

What To Say In A Wedding Card To A Coworker

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A wedding is a grand and joyful event that you want to share with everyone, including with colleagues at work.

How to congratulate a colleague in an interesting and creative way? Find it out here:

«Dear newlyweds! Accept sincere congratulations from colleagues! From the bottom of our hearts we wish the young people indestructible happiness and grandiose plans for the future, great successes and joint victories, confident prosperity and prosperity, mutual understanding and eternal love!»

«Congratulations on a wonderful and joyful event to our colleague, with a new status in life called “MARRIED”. We wish the family long years of health and prosperity, strong love and great happiness, home warmth and coziness!»

«On behalf of colleagues, I want to congratulate the magnificent and amazing couple with the wedding! We wish you an ocean of love, a sea of chic impressions, fresh sensations, dissolution in mutual love and sincerity! I wish you health, common plans and their achievements, prosperity and comfort, joy and long years of a wonderful life!»

«Congratulations on the wedding day and a friendly team of colleagues we want to wish impeccable happiness to your family, bright well-being in your home, undoubted success, endless joy and successful days in your life together!»

Marriage Sayings For A Parent And Stepparent

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Our parents are the dearest people in the world, who appreciate us as we are. Thus, it is important not to forget to thank them at the wedding. Thanksgiving speech can be prepared in advance or rely on your eloquence and say gratitude impromptu. But it should be noted that in such an exciting moment you can’t cope with your feelings, and it will be difficult for you to express the depth of gratitude and love to your parents.

Therefore, it is better to prepare:

«Our dear and dearest people, our parents, thank you just for what you have, for your warmth, understanding, faith in us, support at the right time and boundless your love. We will thank you infinitely for everything. We hope that you will be friendly matchmakers, will become wonderful grandmothers and grandfathers. Strong to you health and long life!»

«Dear parents, on the day of the wedding, we want to say “thank you” for raising us and giving us wonderful opportunities. Lovely, we want to live a hundred years without disappointment and resentment, without sadness and sadness. Let your health be strong, always open soul and truly kind heart. We love you very much and hope to please your with wonderful grandchildren soon!»

«Dear my father and mother, I congratulate you! If there was no marriage, there would not be me. So this makes it necessary for my very existence. Let and further your joint life always develops well and happily. Let it bring you only joy!»

«Dear parents, we congratulate you on your children’s wedding day! We wish that the parents’ hearts do not know fears and bad feelings! Let the happiness of children warm you and make you happy! Be healthy, always happy and confident in well-being and stability. Thank you for what we have you!»