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33 Exquisite Mini Wedding Cakes For Your Inspiration


More and more couples choose little wedding cake for their reception. If you having prepared small wedding cakes like miniature versions of classic wedding dessert it helps to do you wedding unique and memorable. Mini cakes are more conveniently for cutting. Here wonderful collection of mini wedding cakes which will surprise your guests.


Photo 1-6: Watercolor & Hand Painted Wedding Cakes

Source: Anne Paar PhotographyMichelle Whitley via instagramKortney Boyett via instagram

Source: Drake Photography via instagramEmily Hankins via intagramAngela Murray Morris Photography


Photo 7-12: Chic Mini Wedding Cakes With Flowers

Source: Cake Ink via instagramPink Princess Cakes via instagram, Cake Ink via Instagram

Source: Trynh PhotographyThesparklingspatula via instagram, Buttercream and Elegance via Instagram


Photo 13-18: Beautiful Wedding Mini Cakes

Source: Miacakes.and.sweets via InstagramThe Pastry Studio NBarrett Photography

Source: The Sparklingspatula via instagramMiacakes and sweets via instagramShaun Menary Photography


Photo 19-24: Exquisite Wedding Mini Cakes

Source: Tyllie Barbosa Photography, Charm City Cakes via Instagram, Dominique Pickering via Instagram

Source: Leslea MatsisTwigg StudiosSweetness Cakes & Confectionery via facebook