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30 Pinterest Nails Wedding Ideas You Will Like


Choosing design for your wedding nails is a great opportunity to make something that you don’t wear in daily life. Your wedding theme or flowers in your bouquet will help you to choose the color for your nails. For make it easier to find ideas we have collected most popular pinterest nails ideas that other bride likes.


Photo 1-3: Brilliant Glitter Wedding Nails

Source: studio_13_dudkevich via Instagram, deni_sova_nails via Instagram, via Instagram


Photo 4-6: Nails With Hand-Drawn Details

Source: olgastognieva via Instagram, mari_nails_nsk via Instagram, kadyntseva_nails via Instagram


Photo 7-9: Pinterest Reflective Foil Nails

Source: lyasha_nevskaya via Instagramlyuciya_nails via Instagram, nailartist_natali via Instagram


Photo 10-12: Ideas Of Gentle Manicure With Rhinestones

Source: yadevochkamilana via Instagram, armavir_viktoriya_nails via Instagramtami_tamichka via Instagram


Photo 13-15: Minimalistic Wedding Nails Ideas

Source: kadyntseva_nails via Instagram, korelviktoria via Instagram, via Instagram

Photo 16-18: Lace Wedding Nail Art

Source: manicure_by_irina_bashkirova via Instagramagalorynowicz via Instagram, nailartist_natali via Instagram


Photo 19-21: Gentle Designs For Wedding Nails

Source: kadyntseva_nails via Instagram, indigonails via Instagramsveta_liber_nail via Instagram

Photo 22-24: Enchanting Summer Pinterest Nails

Source: kolosova_tatayna via Instagram, alla_nailartist via Instagram, nails_irinamarten via Instagram


Photo 25-27: Bright Fall Wedding Manicure

Source: sveta_liber_nail via Instagram, via Instagram, rakitina_non.stop.nails via Instagram

Photo 28-30: Beautiful Nails With Gold Accent

Source: mari_nails_nsk via Instagrampilki_nail via Instagramkadyntseva_nails via Instagram