Reasons To Have An Unplugged Wedding


With the advent of so much personal gadgetry, it’s no surprise that weddings and other big events have been inundated with amateur photographers using everything from an iPad to a smartphone to take pictures of important happenings. However, this poses a big problem at weddings because guests often cause the professional photographer that you’ve hired to miss important shots. Because of this, many couples have decided to go with an unplugged wedding. Here are some great reasons you should unplug your wedding, too.

What It Means To Unplug Your Wedding

An unplugged wedding is one where personal communication devices are not allowed. Typically, couples who have chosen an unplugged wedding make an announcement on their wedding website, but it is becoming increasingly popular to have the officiant or another individual read an “unplugged statement” before everything gets started. These statements usually have verbiage urging the guests to turn off their electrical devices and asking that guests please refrain from taking pictures or using any personal electronics during the ceremony.


Unplugging Completely

Once you’ve made the decision to unplug your wedding, you might decide to take it a step further and ban electronic devices at the ceremony, as the couple leaves the wedding venue and during the reception, too. This will ensure that your guests are actually present at your event, instead of attending through the viewfinder of their smartphone. An unplugged wedding often results in guests who are better able to participate and mingle, rather than having their faces buried in the various screens of personal electronics.


Saving The Wedding Photos

This is the most commonly-cited reason for deciding on an unplugged wedding.  Wedding photographers have been venting their frustration with guest photographers, especially those who block the view and cause missed shots.  Guest photographers using flash photography ruin so many shots by professional wedding photographers that many professionals have begun instituting a no-flash policy during the ceremony and while the posed pictures are being taken. If you’ve spent the money to hire a wedding photographer, an unplugged wedding might be just the thing to ensure your money was well-spent.


Relaxing And Enjoying The Event

If your wedding is set to be a huge event with a lot of guests, unplugging can ensure that the aisle remains clear of would-be photographers and videographers. Plus, you won’t have to worry about anyone posting your wedding pictures to social media and ruining your first look at your wedding day with poorly-framed, badly-composed shots.


The Unplugged Wedding Revolution

Unplugged weddings are growing in popularity for very good reasons. In an age when everyone has tiny video recorders/cameras/computers in their pocket, unplugging for a while can be just what the doctor ordered. Not only will you have a more pleasant wedding, you might even enjoy being unplugged.