7 Trends For Spring Wedding Dresses: 2024 Guide + FAQs

spring wedding dresses
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Everyone loves a spring wedding, but finding spring wedding dresses that are just right for the wedding theme and brides’ preference may seem a bit challenging at first. Remember that there are many gorgeous spring wedding gowns to choose from.


The possibilities are endless, from modern spring ball gowns to mini bridal dresses with feathers and florals! Spring wedding dresses in sexy silhouettes are also trending during bridal fashion week. And all of these spring wedding gowns can be adorned with spring accessories to complete your bridal look!

This article is chock full of some of the best spring dresses for a wedding in a variety of styles. Have fun searching for the spring wedding gown of your dreams!


Wedding Dresses Spring With Floral Motifs

According to Arava Polak, an Israeli bridal designer, trends for 2024 include prominent floral elements, voluminous skirts, and the incorporation of 3D flowers.

Wedding dresses in floral patterns have been a favorite amongst top wedding dress designers. Bridal fashion week was an array of wedding gowns adorned with sequins, florals, and beading.

Floral designs are ideal for dresses for outdoor spring weddings. Picture a lovely, flowing floral bridal down in a quaint outdoor setting! And you can find dozens of accessories to accompany a chic floral wedding dress!


Drop Waist Silhouettes

Drop waist silhouette wedding dresses are a statement of modern sophistication. With the waistline positioned lower than traditional styles, these gowns elongate the torso and create a sleek, elongated look.

This silhouette is an excellent choice for brides seeking a fashion-forward wedding dress that exudes confidence and elegance on their big day.



Wedding Dresses With Bling

Bling wedding dresses sparkle with opulent embellishments, from intricate beadwork to shimmering crystals, turning brides into radiant visions of glamour. These gowns boast lavish details, cascading sequins, and luxurious fabrics, ensuring every step down the aisle is a dazzling affair, epitomizing extravagance and romance in every stitch.

Expert Advice
What advice would you give to brides who choose a wedding dress?
We want brides to know that when choosing their gown, their opinion is the most important! It is easy for other people to add their input while you're shopping for the perfect dress, but don't let their opinions discourage you from choosing the dress you feel your best in. Brides should pay attention to what dresses make them feel the most comfortable in their skin and make them feel as beautiful as they are!


Simple Wedding Dresses For Spring

Simple wedding dresses are ideal for the bride who is dreaming of an understated yet elegant gown. The gowns in this collection are so feminine and chic!

As well, they could be altered to serve as a spring dresses for wedding. The best thing about a simple dress is that you can dress it up with fun and cute accessories such as hats, jewelry, or even a cute tiara.


Spring Wedding Dresses With Capes

Dresses for spring weddings with transitional pieces are forecasted to be a major trend for the foreseeable future. The abundance of overskirts, bridal capes, removable sleeves, and other separates only enhances this trend!

Picture yourself in one of these fabulous spring wedding dresses with removable pieces to add some dramatic flair to your special day!

Lace Neckline Wedding Spring Dresses

Lace neckline wedding dresses add an exquisite touch of romance and elegance. The delicate lace frames the neckline, often extending to the shoulders or forming intricate patterns across the decolletage.

This design embodies timeless charm, from subtly vintage to intricately bohemian. These gowns provide brides a bewitching option, infusing their special day with intricate beauty and charm.


Pearl Wedding Dresses

Pearl wedding dresses exude timeless elegance, adorned with delicate pearls that symbolize purity and beauty. These ethereal gowns capture the essence of sophistication, featuring intricate pearl detailing on bodices, sleeves, or cascading down skirts. Each shimmering pearl enhances the bride’s grace, creating a bridal ensemble of unmatched refinement and charm.

Wedding Guest Dresses Spring

Embrace the vibrant spirit of spring wedding guest dresses that bloom with elegance. Pastel hues, floral prints, and lightweight fabrics create a perfect ensemble for the season.

Find your ideal wedding guest dresses for spring that combines style and celebration effortlessly.


Brides Often Ask

What fabrics are suitable for spring wedding dresses?

Fabrics like chiffon, tulle, lace, and organza are popular choices for spring wedding dresses. These materials are light, breathable, and have a romantic and airy quality that aligns well with the season.

What are the trends in bridal accessories in 2024?

  • Unique Headbands
  • Oversized Hats
  • Blusher Veils
  • Floral Earrings
  • Strappy Heels

Spring-themed accessories like floral headpieces, dainty jewelry, and open-toe shoes can complement the freshness of your dress and the season. Opt for accessories that echo the light and airy vibe.

What dress length works well for a spring wedding?

For a spring wedding, dresses with various lengths can work. Tea-length, knee-length, or even full-length gowns can suit the season, depending on the formality of the event and your style