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18 Gorgeous Spring Wedding Dresses


Spring is the best season for a wedding! The sun is shining, flowers are blooming and people are suddenly in the best mood. Besides that, spring has some of the best weather, it’s not too hot and it’s not too cold so your wedding dress options are endless! So, we have prepared different spring wedding dresses for any wedding style. When you see these gowns your own eyes, you will be dreaming to get married in it!

Photo 1-3: Bridal Gowns For Spring 2019

Source: Crystal DesignNora NavianoDemetrios Bridal

Photo 4-6: Simple Wedding Dresses For Ladies

Source: Lihi Hod(photo by Oda Pr), KIWO ESTUDIOJenny Yoo 

Photo 7-9: Outdoor Bridal Gowns For Spring

Source: Fabienne AlagamaPronoviasGalia Lahav

Photo 10-12: Amazing Lace Wedding Dresses

Source: ChasewildSincerity BridalJustin Alexander

Photo 13-15: Rustic Bridal Gowns For Garden Wedding

Source: RISH BRIDALWattersChasewild 

Photo 16-18: Spring Wedding Dresses With Sleeves

Source: Liz MartinezMarie LaporteHermione de Paula (photo by Oda Pr)

Main photo: Liz Franco Photography



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