Things To NOT DIY For Your Wedding


Saving money by taking over some of the tasks for your wedding can be great; it can even work out really well as long as you have reasonable expectations.  However, there are some wedding things you should not DIY, no matter how much money it might save you. A good measure to think about for DIY wedding projects is, can you do it in advance (preferably far in advance) and can you do it basically while you’re sitting at home. If you can answer yes to these, then by all means, take a stab at DIY wedding favors, save-the-date cards and welcome bags. However, if it’s something that needs to be completed just before or on the day of the wedding, you’d better think twice. You’re going to be awfully busy just then, and adding more to your to-do list could be disastrous. Here are a few things you shouldn’t DIY for your wedding.

1. Floral Arrangements & Wedding Bouquet

Floral arrangements are much more difficult to create than they appear, and while you’re trying to get it figured out, your flowers are probably in the process of wilting. If you’re lucky, you’ll have a day to get your flowers arranged correctly, but it could be as little as a few hours. Some things you should not DIY for your wedding and this is definitely one of them. Leave the flowers to the florist and save money by choosing local, in-season blooms for your wedding.


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