What To Do After Getting Engaged: Ultimate Checklist For 2022

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So you have a shiny new ring on your finger, and you have a lot rushing through your mind. You’re wondering, who do I tell first, what to do after getting engaged? While there is a lot that you should do, try to take a step back and bask in the light of this new change.

Getting Engaged

While you are savoring this new stage in your life, this guide can show you the list of dos and don’ts for after you get engaged. Things like notifying friends and family take center stage at this point, not wedding planning. You could even create an engagement checklist on what to do and when.

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Just Got Engaged? Now what?

  1. Inform Close Friends and Family
    The last thing you would want is for certain friends and family to hear this from your social media. So, get a list of these people and call, text, or even meet with them to share the good news.
  2. Get a Manicure
    You’re going to be showing off that hand a lot, so get a manicure to make it extra pretty, especially for the photos.
  3. Post a Ring Selfie to Social Media
    Take a ring showing a selfie or even a picture with your boo to announce the good news, and post to your most used social media platform.
  4. Change Your Relationship Status on Facebook
    Not everyone will see your announcement or get the news firsthand, but they will notice when you update your status on Facebook though.
  5. Find Wedding Magazines
    Read up on wedding magazines online or offline to garner ideas for your wedding. This is a time for indulgence, and you can watch a marathon of wedding movies while you’re at it.
  6. Create a Wedding Pinterest Board
    Pinterest is a great app for planning and stacking up on ideas, so, create a section for weddings in your Pinterest, and go to town.
  7. Get yourself a Bridal Subscription Box
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  8. Get Your Ring Re-sized & Insured
    Not all rings are the right size on the first try, so if you fall in this category, endeavor to get it resized. Also, get it insured for it is better to be safe than sorry.
  9. Take Some Engagement Photos
    You want to remember this time in your life, and also have great photos to save the dates and invitations. So, this will be a good time to hire a professional and take some engagement photos. And don’t forget to join thousands of happy brides-to-be and share your special story with fantastic photos of engagement to Oh So Perfect Proposal!
  10. Have an Engagement Party
    It doesn’t have to be big, but it is important to celebrate this milestone. Get your friends and family together and have a party. (Download our FREE checklist to plan your unforgettable engagement party!) If you prefer something even smaller, you can settle on date night with your fiancé to have a good time.
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    Things Not To Do After You Get Engaged

    While rushing off with your list of what to do once you’re engaged, there are certain things you should try not to do.

    1. Don’t Be In a Hurry to Post Online
      Yes you are excited, and yes it’s a great thing that just happened, but there are so many people in your life who deserve to hear this in person. For instance your parents, your granny and really close friends. So, hold off posting for as long as you can.
    2. Don’t Commit to Plans Too Quickly
      A lot will be suggested and perhaps even insisted upon, but don’t be quick to accept your father’s suggestion on a location or your mother’s on the guest list. Take the time to consider it all, talk with your fiancé, and even his family and plan. However, be polite about it all.
    3. Hold Off On Choosing Your Wedding Party
      Might seem the right thing to do to quickly choose your bridesmaids, maid of honor, and other members of your wedding party. But, you need to take your time with this one, be sure of how many you need to fit your budget, location, and even your heart. Decide on who will support you and who would be absolutely necessary to have in your corner for the wedding.
    4. Do Not Wear a Ring That Doesn’t Fit
      Even though you might be excited to wear and show off that new ring. Wearing it when it’s too big could result in you losing it, and if too small could hurt your finger. So be patient until it has been resized and insured, to show it off.
    5. To keep track of the important things, save the infographic
      What to do after you get engaged

    6. Don’t Buy a Dress
      While you might have a picture of your ideal dress in mind already, do not rush to buy a dress. There is so much to consider, from your budget to sizing and style. You will find that there is also a lot to choose from, so be patient, so you don’t quickly buy one and wish later that you didn’t.

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    8. Don’t Stress
      Planning a wedding might seem overwhelming, but like everything else in life, if you follow the steps, you will get through with it. So, take each day as it comes, go with the flow and don’t allow the process to stress you.
    9. Don’t Go on a Diet
      It’s good to want to look great for your wedding, but making any drastic changes right now is unnecessary and will only add to the pressure. So, don’t suddenly get braces or go on a diet to lose weight or even get a nose or boob job. Your partner loves you the way you are and you need to be on your best, mentally and emotionally for your big day.
    10. Don’t Forget to Enjoy it All
      It’s all for you, and everyone is there for you, so lap it all up. Enjoy trying the dresses, enjoy the cake tastings, enjoy the attention from family and your fiancé. Treat yourself to little things that make this hectic period of your life more pleasant. Have a spa day, indulge in a bit of ice cream (but not too much! you need to rock that dress!), bring into the preparations the element of surprise with a Bridal Subscription Box. If you feel even a little bit stressed, stop the clock and take a weekend to the sea, just relax and bask in the moments that add up before the big day.

    I’m sure that from all of the advice above you can see that you don’t need to jump right into wedding planning mode after you get engaged. So, take the time, go through our ‘what to do after getting engaged’ guide, and decide for yourself what happens after the engagement. One of the great ideas is the Bridal Subscription Box. They are trendy and keep you up to date on all the latest wedding must-haves. So, slow down, celebrate, enjoy and take all the help you can get. Congratulations on your engagement.