6 Things You Should Know After Getting Engaged


Fantasies of the perfect proposal usually occur at some point in life but everything becomes real after the engagement has taken place.

The engagement is a special day as well for both the bride and groom because it marks the beginning of a new life together. What happens once he has staged a romantic or surprising proposal and she has answered with a heartfelt YES?

Congratulations, you’re engaged! Now, what to do?

Here are 6 things you should know after getting engaged.
First, save the Infographic What to do after you get engaged:

1. The Aftershock

The proposal was everything the groom had hoped for and the moment was captured on every available media type that exists. Photos and videos of the proud groom and teary-eyed bride are being shared around social media, at work and every other social event that takes place. The outtakes are what’s causing the real aftershock. Mounting credit card bills, financial disagreements and family and friends interference will occur. Make the first commitment right now by deciding to do what you want and not allow the drama to enter your lives.

2. Channel your Inner Sanity

For reasons unknown, almost every member of your family or wedding party will acquire a certain level of over assertiveness in regards to your wedding plans. They’ll insist they know which dress looks best and instantly everyone becomes a wedding planner. Bridesmaids, who were friends first will somehow become temporary worst enemies because of their need to shine. After getting engaged, these things are sure to happen but you don’t have to lose your joy in the moment. Remember, you are the head angle and no one gets their wings on this journey but you.

3. The Fiancé Blueprint

While planning a wedding is typically the bride’s forte, there are some grooms who like to be a part of it also. Soon after the engagement, you and your fiancé should discuss exactly how involved he wants to be in planning the wedding. Don’t feel discouraged if he chooses to simply hang out in the background. After all, he’s shown how smart he is by asking you to be his wife and he trusts you to make the moment as special as you deserve. After the engagement, he’s probably busy planning on how to make sure he gives you the best life possible.

4. Remember You

After getting engaged, it’s easy for a bride to become so engulfed in planning that she forgets what’s most important, herself. Eat right, exercise, enjoy other areas of life and by all means, avoid negative energy. After getting engaged, you can expect negative Annies to enter your life and insist on giving you unsolicited advice. Your attention should be on those who are important to you and ignore the rest.

5. Expect Disaster

No wedding ever takes place without at least one small or large mishap taking place. Rain on the wedding day, wedding dress or veil horror story, argument that leads to the loss of a member of the wedding party and many other possible disasters are subject to occur. Don’t fret, because out of all of the possible unfortunates, you manage to emerge as a beautiful bride and the wedding is an affair to remember.

6. Be Realistic

Keep in mind that it’s the marriage that will last forever and the wedding only for a few hours. Decisions to be made, money to be spent and details must be executed but it’s essential to relax and enjoy the planning. Remember, you have a life together after the wedding.